MMA Review: #51: UFC 2: No Way Out Jun11


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MMA Review: #51: UFC 2: No Way Out

UFC 2: No Way Out

Denver, Colorado

-We begin with a highlight reel from UFC 1 concentrating on the victory of Royce Gracie.

-Your hosts are Brian Kilmeade, Jim Brown and Ben Perry. YAY, no Bill Wallace! We then join Herb Perez for a quick trip around the Octagon.

-The announcers explain that this time, rather than an 8 man tournament, it’s a 16 man tournament, but the first round has mostly been done already. They show us the brackets, with Pat Smith, Scott Morris, Johnny Rhodes, Frank Hamaker, Orlando Weit, Remco Pardoel, and Jason Delucia having already qualified. The only first round match remaining is Royce Gracie vs. Minoki Ichihara, so let’s get it on.

First Round

Royce Gracie vs Minoki Ichihara

This is Karate vs. ‘Grappling’, as apparently they decided to lump all the grappling styles (Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling) into one for some reason. According to Kilmeade, this pairing got a huge response at the press conference when the draw was made. Both men are wearing white gis.

They begin and both press with some tentative kicks, before Royce gets a takedown to side mount. He immediately passes over to full mount, and lands some punches, working the body as Ichihara holds on. He tries to escape, but to no avail as Royce smothers him from the top, landing a headbutt for good measure. Royce works the body some more, and suddenly the crowd go crazy as Ichihara seems to have reversed Gracie off….but in reality Royce has allowed him to turn for leverage, and slaps on a swift armbar for the tapout. Five minutes, quite long for a Royce Gracie early fight actually.

-They announce that Frank Hamaker has pulled out with an injury and will be replaced by an alternate, Fred Ettish. We get a quick highlight reel of the other first round matches, before they show a package on the various styles, now lumped into larger categories. So it’s Karate, Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Grappling, and ‘Exotics’.


Pat Smith vs Scott Morris

‘Ninjitsu’ fighter Scott Morris would be considered one of those ‘Exotics’ apparently, as the announcers discuss that very little is known about him and his style. Pat Smith, we know of from UFC 1, of course.

We begin and Morris immediately charges into a clinch, eats a knee and falls down with Smith in full mount. Smith punches him in the face a few times, then EXPLODES AND HAMMERS HIM WITH BRUTAL ELBOWS TO THE FACE!~!~! Holy SHIT.

Smith stands to celebrate and Morris tries to get up, but falls right back down and his face is FUCKED, looking somewhere between Takayama and an old pizza at this point. They replay the beating and as Jim Brown says, the strikes look fast even in slow motion. Probably *the* most brutal finish in the history of UFC.

Johnny Rhodes vs Fred Ettish

This is Karate vs. Karate. How these guys can follow up that previous finish, I don’t know. Anyhow, Ettish is a 6’0”, 180lbs guy with a pornstar moustache and a gi, and Rhodes is about the same size, but he’s black and looks in pretty good shape.

They exchange some kicks to open before Rhodes rocks him with a right hand and then decks him with some punches. Ettish tries some kicks from the butt-scoot position but Rhodes comes down with a big right hand, and then pounds away as Ettish turns his back. Ettish tries to get up, but eats some knees, and falls right back to the butt-scoot. He’s badly cut at this point. Rhodes mounts him and Ettish rolls, so Rhodes goes for a choke, and manages to get it, and Ettish taps out there. Rhodes didn’t look bad I guess, but it was your basic early UFC style of fight with mostly crude strikes and clueless groundwork.

Remco Pardoel vs Orlando Weit

Pardoel is a Dutch grappler, and he’s bringing Gerard Gordeau from the first UFC out to corner him. The announcers talk about how impressive kickboxer Orlando Weit was in the first round, as he KOd his opponent with some nasty soccer kicks. Apparently Pardoel’s been telling everyone that he’s expecting to lose here, so let’s see.

They get underway and Remco closes in, and gets a quick takedown, ending up on top with his face up and his back lying across Weit’s chest, rather than the usual stomach-to-stomach position. Weit tries to get out from under the bottom, but he’s trapped, and Remco NAILS him with some vicious elbows to the head, bouncing his cranium off the mat and knocking him completely unconscious. And there’s your second classic UFC KO of the night. Totally sick as the replay shows that the elbows were slamming right into Weit’s temple.

Royce Gracie vs Jason Delucia

According to his record Delucia was still fighting in 2003 and has a 33-19-1 record, which isn’t bad at all for a guy who’s not one of the notable fighters from this period. The announcers are expecting Gracie to make short work of this one to make up for his marathon (HA!) performance against Ichihara earlier.

Into the clinch to open, and Royce quickly pulls guard. Delucia tries to manoeuvre around but before he can, Gracie gets a sweep to the mounted position, and controls him from the top. Delucia tries to turn him over, but like Ichihara, he turns right into an armbar, and Gracie gets some NASTY torque on this one, causing him to tap out quickly in just over a minute. Ha, it’s so cool seeing Royce just tap these guys out without seemingly even trying, as they’re so clueless about the groundwork. Shows how much the sport has evolved now I guess, when you’ve got wrestlers submitting guys with spinning armbars and stuff.


Pat Smith vs Johnny Rhodes

The announcers are fearing for Rhodes’ health, and rightfully so after what Smith did to Morris’s face earlier in the night. Smith stalks him with some kicks to open, and eats a right hand as he comes forward. They exchange some kicks and punches, before Smith closes in and clinches, and Rhodes puts his head down, so Smith grabs a guillotine and Rhodes is forced to tap out standing. That was another quick fight, not nearly as brutal as Smith’s first one though.

Royce Gracie vs Remco Pardoel

Both guys come in wearing the gis, so the announcers are all expecting them to come into some sort of use if the fight hits the mat, which it invariably will with Royce involved.

They begin and Royce presses with his trademark low kick, before getting a rear waistlock. Remco blocks a takedown, but Royce works for it and trips him down into a back mount, getting both hooks in for good measure. Remco tries to escape, but Royce works and gets a lapel choke with the gi for the tapout. Really easy fight for Royce, I was expecting more of a fight from Pardoel. Ah well.

-Herb Perez interviews Ken Shamrock, who’s in the crowd. He’s got a broken hand, hence why he hasn’t participated in this tournament. Ken says the line-up for this one far exceeds the line-up for UFC 1, but he still picked Royce and Smith as his finalists. Ken picks Royce to win the whole thing, and then says he’ll be back in time for UFC 3.


Royce Gracie vs Pat Smith

This is for the $60,000 dollar prize and the title of ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPION!~!

They press and Smith tries a kick, so Gracie avoids and counters with a bodylock. They muscle around with Smith trying to block the takedown, but Royce eventually gets him down into a half-guard, then passes to full mount. Smith looks in trouble, and turns almost onto his side, so Royce lands some hard palm strikes to the face, and Smith taps out before Royce even attempts a submission. Unsurprisingly, Royce Gracie defends his title as Ultimate Fighting Champion.

Post-fight practically the whole Gracie family lift Royce up on their shoulders in celebration as he receives the $60,000 cheque. Royce says he’s going skiing this time (rather than Disneyland), and that he’ll be ready for UFC 3.

Final Thoughts…..

Honestly, UFC 2 is basically a carbon copy of UFC 1 with 16 guys instead of 8. There’s the same crude brawls from the lesser unskilled guys in the early rounds, while Royce goes through tapping out everyone with ease until he eventually wins the thing. There’s the added awesomeness of the Smith/Morris and Pardoel/Weit KOs here admittedly, but you can find them floating around the ‘net on tons of highlight reels, and everything else on this show is nothing you haven’t seen in UFC 1. Overall it’s a fun show, but it’s not really worth a look unless you’re a total completist.

Coming Soon….

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UFC: 3, 4, 5, 6, 52, and 53.
Cage Rage: 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.
IFC Global Domination: LHW tournament including Renato Babalu, Jeremy Horn, Mauricio Shogun and Forrest Griffin.
WEC 9: Cold Blooded: featuring Joe Riggs vs. Alex Stiebling, and Olaf Alfonso vs. John Polakowski.
Shooto 12/2002: featuring Vitor Ribeiro vs. Tatsuya Kawajiri, Takanori Gomi, and Joachim Hansen.
Best of Shooto 2003 vols. 1 & 2, featuring Takanori Gomi vs. Joachim Hansen, and Joachim Hansen vs. Vitor Ribeiro.

Until next time,

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