MMA Review: #594: UFC 209: Woodley vs. Thompson II

-So this was looking like the best show of 2017 thus far on paper until late on Friday night when it was revealed that Khabib Nurmagomedov’s weight cut had gone wrong and so his fight with Tony Ferguson for the Interim Lightweight Title was scrapped. Lord knows where we go from here with that one but that’s another story. As per usual UFC moved a baffling undercard fight onto the main card and suddenly the show wasn’t that stacked any more. But at least we had Woodley/Wonderboy II, and THE REEM.

UFC 209: Woodley vs. Thompson II

Las Vegas, Nevada

-Your hosts are Jon Anik, Joe Rogan and Dominick Cruz, who remains awesome, even in a three-man booth which I don’t usually like.

Heavyweight Fight: Alistair Overeem vs Mark Hunt

When this was announced earlier in the year it made sense; two top ten HW’s coming off big losses in 2016 (Overeem to Stipe Miocic, Hunt to Brock Lesnar) looking to rebound. They’d of course faced off before in DREAM, where Overeem won by first round submission, but that was a different time – Hunt was on a horrible career slide and the fight came right before the peak of UBEREEM. Things took a weird turn though when Hunt revealed he was hitting the UFC with a lawsuit due to Lesnar’s positive drug test and claimed they were forcing him into this fight. Which is ridiculous both ways, but more on that later. Anyway, suddenly Overeem felt basically like Dana White’s personal hitman or something! I was picking the Reem because obviously I don’t pick against him, ha.

First round begins and Hunt opens right away with a hard leg kick. Overeem looks really patient as per usual. Another leg kick from Hunt is checked this time and Hunt’s right leg is bleeding BADLY from the impact on Overeem’s knee, wow. Leg kick connects for Overeem. Hunt is literally leaving footprints of blood around the cage. Low kick into a left hand land for Overeem. Short right hand glances for Hunt but Overeem smartly circles out and lands with an oblique kick and a front kick to the body. Lot of kicks being thrown from the Reem here. Big body kick lands for Hunt. Clinch from Overeem but Hunt shrugs him off quickly. Overeem continues to move around smartly and use his kicks to land from the outside. Hard leg kick lands for Hunt. Body kick fires back for Overeem. Big right hook narrowly misses for Hunt. Really hard body kick from Hunt is blocked by the arms of the Reem. Nice left hand into a low kick answers back for Overeem. Seconds to go in the round now and Overeem continues to circle on the outside. Takedown attempt is avoided by Hunt but he takes a knee from close range. Round ends with Overeem covering up as Hunt flurries on him along the fence. Close round, probably 10-9 Overeem by a hair I’d say.

Second round and Overeem opens with a front kick, left hand and a spinning back kick to the body. Beautiful left hand snaps Hunt’s head back, but Hunt fires back with a kick to the body. Big front kick narrowly misses for the Reem. Spinning elbow glances for Overeem as he continues to move on the outside. Awesome step-in knee to the body lands for Overeem and then he clinches and doubles Hunt over with another knee. More knees follow as he forces Hunt into the fence. Action slows down a bit as Overeem continues to lean on Hunt and work him over with some knees. Another knee breaks for Overeem and he follows with a body kick. Clinch is shrugged off by Hunt this time. Elbow strike lands for Hunt though and now Overeem is wobbled! He stumbles backwards covering up and Hunt follows with another elbow and a right hand. Overeem is in trouble. He manages to cover up though and clinches to slow Hunt down, allowing him to recover. Smart fighting from the Reem. Good elbow lands inside to return the favour and the Dutchman follows with another hard knee. Overeem’s knees are tremendous. One minute to go and the clinch continues to be controlled by Overeem. Another elbow from Hunt hurts him, but he manages to hold on in the clinch to recover again and get back to landing knees. Another elbow and a left hook wobble Overeem, but Hunt can’t capitalise and the round ends there. 10-9 Overeem for the clinch work despite getting hurt a couple of times.

Third round and Overeem looks to clinch early but Hunt manages to avoid, only to take another oblique kick. Lot of circling from Overeem again but he lands with a hard left hook. Slick right hand connects heavily for the Reem but Hunt takes it well. Uppercut glances for hunt on the counter. Flurry from Hunt sees Overeem outright run away and the crowd boo furiously. He comes back with another clinch and forces Hunt into the fence again, where he lands with a couple more knees to the body. Referee Mark Goddard warns them for inactivity, so Overeem responds with a left hand and then a CRUSHING KNEE TO THE HEAD! Hunt looks out on his feet and Overeem follows with another BRUTAL KNEE and a short uppercut, and Hunt goes down face-first, OUT COLD.

Vicious, vicious knockout. Reminiscent in fact of Overeem’s brutal knee knockout of Ewerton Teixeira in K-1 back in 2009, and probably his most violent finish in the UFC. Really impressive victory for Overeem when you consider the fact that with his chin issues, Hunt was perhaps one of the most dangerous possible opponents for him on the current UFC roster. Plus, it’s since emerged he came into the fight following a bad bout of food poisoning! I’d say this puts him firmly back in the title hunt, although I’m not sure who I’d match him with next – maybe Cain Velasquez finally? As for Hunt I think he’s done in the UFC now, although his whole quest to get released is ridiculous given his major complaint comes from fighting guys who are roided up, and the UFC is the only promotion that tests properly! I get that he’s pissed off over the Lesnar fight but it just comes off as sour grapes to me. I don’t see his lawsuit going well at all. Forget about him though – Overeem was awesome here and hopefully the hate surrounding him is gone for good now. Great opener overall.

Women’s Strawweight Fight: Amanda Cooper vs Cynthia Calvillo

So yeah, when Khabib/Ferguson was scrapped, somehow this was chosen as the fill-in fight for the main card, straight from Fight Pass and on short notice too. No idea why – I get that whatever fight they shove on wouldn’t affect the buyrate, but why not bump Elkins/Bektic or Tybura/Henrique from FS1? At least we’d get fighters who are currently ranked on the PPV then which justifies it a bit more, you know? I had no pick for this one as I’d never heard of Calvillo before although Cooper looked decent on her TUF run.

First round begins and Cooper pushes forward as Calvillo circles on the outside. Combinaton from Calvillo catches Cooper stepping in, but she seems fine. Big right hand misses for Cooper as the exchange continues, and then Calvillo tags her with a combo ending in a low kick. Low kick is caught by Calvillo and she tackles Cooper to the ground and looks to pass the guard instantly. Cooper tries to spin to avoid that, then kicks her away, springing back up before going for a takedown of her own. She gets it, but Calvillo rolls through into top position with a front facelock, and she looks to lock up an anaconda choke. Cooper works to defend as Calvillo rolls into it, and somehow as Calvillo loses the position, she back-rolls right into back control with both hooks! That was RIDICULOUS. Body triangle follows as Cooper works to defend the choke, but with just under two minutes to go Calvillo sinks the arm under the neck to force the tapout.

Awesome submission; you won’t see many slicker this year I don’t think, not that the choke was anything amazing but the way she took the back was insane. I’ve literally never seen anyone roll into back control quite like that. This was a tremendous debut for Calvillo and I look forward to seeing her again. As for Cooper I suspect she’ll get another chance as A) she’s a TUF finalist and B) she’s pretty cute. And that’s fine by me as she seems like a solid prospect. Would still have rather seen Bektic/Elkins here but this was a good fight in the end.

Middleweight Fight: Rashad Evans vs Dan Kelly

This felt like super-odd matchmaking as Evans on his previous two attempts at moving to 185lbs had been paired with Tim Kennedy – obviously impossible now because Kennedy’s retired – but I still expected him to face someone ranked (I dunno, Thales Leites?) rather than Kelly, who was on a solid win streak of three fights but hardly a title contender. I guess Kelly’s somehow becoming a bit of a cult figure though with his ‘dad-bod’ so maybe it’s that? Anyhow, I was struggling to make a pick here because prime Rashad would’ve killed this dude but he’s so far past his prime now it’s crazy, and while Kelly’s not the greatest he is as tough as nails.

Round One begins and both men gauge the distance and throw out some feints, with Rashad glancing on a couple of right hands. Combination from Kelly backs him up a little before he tries a head kick that misses. Right hand connects for Rashad but Kelly backs him up again with some more punches. Nice counter left lands cleanly for Kelly as Rashad pushes forward. Solid right lands for Rashad but Kelly catches him with a left hand again. Another really hard left wobbles Rashad for a second but he recovers quickly. Rashad looks a bit gunshy here. Takedown attempt from Evans and he gets Kelly down and then takes the back as the Aussie pops up. Good job from Kelly though as he pops back up into the clinch and then trips Rashad down for a second before he gets up. Left hand lands again for Kelly but he walks into a nasty uppercut on the counter. Left hand fires right back for the Aussie though. Clinch from Kelly and he lands a knee to the body and then breaks with a quick combo. Step-in knee glances for Rashad and sets up a clinch, but he can’t get Kelly down and they break off. Seconds to go and Kelly lands a couple more punches, but takes a hard body kick to end the round. Fun round; I’d go 10-9 Kelly but it was pretty close.

Round Two and Kelly pushes forward, landing a foot sweep that sets up a decent left hand. Good right hand replies for Rashad but Kelly throws the sweep into the left hand again. Into the clinch for Kelly and he looks for a throw, but Evans blocks it. Combo breaks for the Aussie. They clinch again and exchange punches from close range before Kelly breaks and lands a one-two. Kelly is being much more active so far in this round. Another hard left hook lands for Kelly and Rashad tries to reach for him, but finds himself clinched instead. Another flurry breaks for Kelly and this time Rashad shoots, but Kelly blocks it and they exchange again from close range. Takedown does land for Rashad this time and he wobbles Kelly with a knee as he gets up. Looks like Kelly might be cut. Kelly comes in swinging but takes an eye poke, and referee Big John McCarthy has to call time. Replay shows it was pretty blatant. Big John does a tremendous job too of telling Kelly not to worry about the booing crowd and to take his time in recovery. They restart and Kelly pushes forward and lands with a body kick. Rashad lands with a right hand in reply but he definitely looks a bit gunshy ala his fight with Rogerio Nogueira. Body kick from Rashad but Kelly clinches and then separates with a knee to the body. They’re exchanging pretty openly here and another good left hand gets through for Kelly, but Rashad takes him down and then gets a rear waistlock as he stands. Again Kelly escapes though. Less than a minute to go now and a nice left uppercut gets through for Kelly. Left hook follows again as does a hard high kick. Big head kick glances for Rashad but Kelly catches the leg and forces him into the fence before landing a couple more glancing blows. Round ends shortly after. Close round again, but I’d still say Kelly was slightly more active.

Round Three and they trade off with punches right away. Kelly continues to back Rashad up though and gets a clinch, and this time he hits a trip that puts Evans down for a second. Rashad pops right back up though and they continue to trade punches. Both men land some decent shots before Rashad really tags the Aussie with a hard uppercut. Kelly just eats it right up though and keeps coming forward. The guy is insanely tough. Another eye poke goes ignored by Big John this time but Rashad doesn’t really push forward, and instead Kelly puts him down with a quick leg sweep again. Rashad pops right back up and he lands with a hard body kick. The exchange continues and now both men are really throwing from the pocket with Kelly tagging Rashad with a clean combo at one stage. Clinch from Kelly leads to a series of uppercuts, dirty boxing style, and then they break off. Two minutes to go and a clean right from Rashad is answered by a lunging left hand from Kelly. Into the clinch and Kelly almost gets a throw, but Rashad manages to avoid well. Nice combinations land for both men as the crowd are really into this now. To be fair it’s become quite the brawl! Strong left hand lands for Kelly. Into the clinch again and this time Rashad clocks him with a knee to the body, only to eat a right on the way out. Big left uppercut connects for Kelly. Foot sweep lands again for Kelly. Big trade ends with Rashad going for the takedown, but he earns a warning for grabbing Kelly’s shorts when the Aussie blocks it. Round ends with a WILD BRAWL with both men landing! That was pretty awesome. I’d actually go 30-27 Kelly I think as he was just the more active guy throughout.

We’ve got a split decision; 29-28 Kelly, 29-28 Evans, and 29-28….for Dan Kelly in a pretty mega upset. Dude goes CRAZY afterwards too as he clearly knows it’s the biggest win of his career by a mile. Like, who the hell thought this guy could ever beat Rashad Evans when he came out of the TUF house after losing a squash to Sheldon Westcott? Dude might be the most surprisingly successful UFC fighter ever when you consider he’s now 6-1 (!) and on a four fight win streak. Post-fight he also says his knee is completely fucked, but getting it fixed would involve a year on the shelf so as long as he’s allowed to wear a knee sleeve, he’ll just fight through it. Gotta love this guy! As for Rashad, I think it’s probably time for him to hang it up – no offense to Kelly but the Rashad who fought in like 2007-11 would’ve wrecked him. He’s way past his prime now and just seemed totally gunshy here until the third round when it was largely too late, and I don’t think the drop to 185lbs helped him as much as he was expecting. He’s better just retiring and going full-time as a Fox analyst. He’s a legend and was a great fighter but he doesn’t need to hang on too long. This fight was a LOT of fun though, I must admit.

Lightweight Fight: Lando Vannata vs David Teymur

After Vannata landed the general consensus KO of the year with the wheel kick over John Makdessi at UFC 206 it was pretty clear the UFC were going to push him hard, and so it made sense for him to be matched in what felt like a showcase for him against largely unknown TUFer David Teymur here. Not that it was a given for Vannata, as Teymur was 2-0 in the UFC with two knockouts, but yeah, it felt like UFC were setting up Lando to win. When the fight got elevated to the co-main position though it was REALLY clear that they felt he could become a big star. This was also a massive opportunity for Teymur to make a name for himself too, but I couldn’t see it and felt like Vannata would probably win via knockout.

First round begins and Vannata dances around as Teymur switches stances a few times. Jumping kick misses for Lando and then both men miss with kicks. Vannata really pushes forward, and they trade with low kicks with Teymur moving on the outside. Jumping kick glances for Vannata but he gets tagged by a combo when he tries a spinning backfist. Low kick from Teymur is caught and Vannata sticks him with a decent right hand. Cartwheel kick lands cleanly for Vannata (!) and he follows with a hard right hand and then drops the Swede with a combo! Teymur pops up and fires back with some shots of his own, and he seems to be recovered pretty quickly. Big left hand connects for Teymur and now Vannata looks like he’s hurt. Another left hand follows and these guys are just swinging before Teymur circles out smartly. Big combo connects for Teymur and Lando’s mouthpiece is out. Herb Dean calls time to replace it and they quickly restart. High kick from Vannata and he follows with a spin kick to the body. Teymur comes back with a nasty left switch kick to the head, but Vannata replies with a takedown and manages to get the back. Teymur scrambles to his feet though and escapes, popping the crowd. Nice low kicks land for both men. Good step-in right from Vannata but Teymur counters and has him stunned. Big combination from Teymur has Vannata in some trouble but he does well to recover and then lands a right that opens Teymur up over the left eye. Both men swing to end the round. That was great. Probably 10-9 Vannata for the knockdown, but it was tight.

Second round and Lando opens with an odd move, dropping to a knee to attempt a leg sweep ala Mortal Kombat. Doesn’t work though! He glances on a body kick but doesn’t land cleanly. Lot of feints from Teymur and he glances on a right hand counter before shrugging off a clinch attempt. Body kick lands for Teymur and he dodges a wheel kick in response. Right hand answers for Lando. Big body kick into a right hand connects hard for Teymur. Another body kick leads to a Teymur combination before Vannata clinches briefly. They break off and Teymur lands with a trio of hard knees to the body from close range, but Vannata just absorbs them. Body kick is caught by Lando and he somehow counters with a wheel kick that glances off the jaw of the Swede. Big exchange sees both men land. These guys have amazing chins. Nice step-in left hand connects for Teymur. His left eye is a mess but he’s outlanding Vannata in this round. BEAUTIFUL superman punch lands for Teymur and snaps Vannata’s head back! Surprising takedown follows for Teymur but Vannata scrambles to his feet immediately. Few more kicks glance for Teymur and he lands with a counter left as Lando comes forward. Nice counter right lands for Vannata. Combination backs Teymur up a little but Vannata misses with a spin kick. Big left hand lands over the top for Teymur. Into the clinch and Teymur has Vannata hurt with some knees to the body and a heavy right hand. Round ends there. 10-9 Teymur as he outstruck Lando in that round, so I’ve got it even going into the third.

Third round and Vannata picks up the pace right away with some early kicks, but he walks into a couple of hard counters from Teymur. Snapping low kick from Teymur and it leads into another hard knee to the body. Beautiful counter combo lands for Teymur. Vannata throws a bunch of low kicks but he eats a left hand over the top. Heavy body kick connects for the Swede. Low kick and a head kick follow and both men trade before Teymur traps Lando against the fence with some knees to the body. They break off and both men connect with low kicks. Superman punch misses for Teymur. Nice right hook lands for Vannata but he takes a HARD counter combo from Teymur. No idea how Vannata’s chin is holding up. Slick takedown follows, with Teymur dumping him from a rear waistlock. Vannata pops back up, but he eats some knees before they break. Two minutes to go and they trade off again before Teymur hits another takedown. Lando pops back up again into the clinch, then breaks with a low kick. Another good knee lands inside for Teymur but Lando fires back with a left hand. Big combination answers for Teymur and he tries the takedown, but Lando blocks. Big head kick misses for Vannata but he stuffs another takedown. Combo lands again for Teymur. He follows with a single leg and although Vannata pops back up, he’s losing this round I think. Big left hook lands for Teymur as Vannata pushes forward. Seconds to go and Vannata walks the Swede down, but he can’t land and instead he takes a body kick and then Teymur tries the takedown. Vannata stuffs it and that’s the round. Great fight, call it 29-28 Teymur.

Judges have it 30-27 all round for David Teymur! Surprising to see them give him all three rounds but the right guy definitely won. Fight was a ton of fun as both men went for it, never gave up an inch and while Teymur was able to win largely by being the sharper striker, I don’t think Vannata really lost much momentum either due to the quality of the fight. These guys were given a chance in the spotlight and TOOK IT and fair play to them. Hopefully the UFC gives Teymur a bit of a push as a possible star for the European cards now as he’s definitely got the skills and charisma for it. Best fight thus far.

UFC World Welterweight Title: Tyron Woodley vs Stephen Thompson

Despite Woodley campaigning for a different fight – either with GSP, Nick Diaz or Michael Bisping – after the initial draw with Thompson at UFC 205 in November, it was pretty clear that a rematch was the only way to go. After all, a draw means the title isn’t technically undisputed, and so really it was only fair to re-do the fight. As far as a winner, it was tricky to pick – I felt like although Woodley probably came closer to winning the first fight, he was also the man who needed to make the most adjustments to win a rematch, as Thompson had him backed into the fence for large portions of the fight and probably would’ve won had it not been for the huge right hand Woodley landed in the fourth round. With that said, Woodley had almost knocked Wonderboy out in the first fight and so you couldn’t count him out. I was going with Woodley in a really close call.

Round One and both men circle and throw out feints, with Wonderboy clearly looking to back Woodley up towards the fence. One minute gone and neither man’s landed a clean strike. Side kick glances for Wonderboy and he dodges a rush from the champion. Two minutes in and the crowd are getting frustrated as both men are being incredibly tentative. High kick is blocked by Woodley. Crowd are outright booing now as we’ve literally got nothing happening. Wonderboy glances on a combo but that’s about it. Low kick from Thompson but Woodley counters with a right hand. Round ends with Wonderboy continuing to stalk forward without doing much. 10-9 Thompson I guess as he did slightly more than Woodley, who basically did nothing. Horrible round.

Round Two and Wonderboy misses with a head kick but lands with a low one. Woodley pushes forward a little more, but only feints rather than swinging I guess due to the fear of the counter. Body shot does land for the champion but he misses with a right to the head and Wonderboy manages to force him back towards the fence again. Couple of punches get through for the challenger but we’re looking at mostly a staring contest again as the fans boo. Flurry glances for Woodley but he doesn’t follow it up. This is looking like one of the all-time bad UFC title fights. Looks like Wonderboy is cut over the left eye. Side kick to the body lands for the challenger. Roundhouse kick follows but doesn’t land cleanly. Right hand glances for Woodley. Another side kick lands to the champion’s body. Wow this is bad. We’ve just got so much inactivity. Round ends with a body kick from Wonderboy. Close round to call as the right hand from Woodley was the best shot of the round, but Wonderboy backed him up for the most part again despite not doing much. 10-9 Thompson, then.

Round Three and it’s more feinting from both men to begin, with Woodley pushing forward a little more this time. Single leg attempt from Woodley forces Thompson into the cage, but he can’t get him down initially. More work allows the champion to hit a big double leg into half-guard. Good punches get through for Woodley as he holds onto Wonderboy’s right arm. Big body shots land for Woodley too. He puts a triangle around Thompson’s left leg to keep him down, and continues to drop punches to the body. Wonderboy does a good job of working to his feet, but he eats a pair of knees from the clinch to finally wake the crowd up. Thompson manages to push Woodley into the cage though despite being trapped in a plum clinch. They break off and Thompson backs the champion towards the fence again, but he still isn’t throwing enough. Couple of body shots land for Thompson but they don’t do that much damage. Nice left hand connects for the challenger though. One minute to go and Wonderboy lands with another combo, but Woodley fires back with a right hand to the body. Nice right hand connects over the top for Woodley, set up by a pair of lefts that glance to the body. Body kick from Thompson and a right to the body set up a left hook, and that’s the round. 10-9 round for Woodley due to the takedown and ground work, as Thompson couldn’t offset it later on.

Round Four and Woodley connects on an early right hand to the chest. Thompson backs him up with some more feints though despite not throwing too much. Pair of right hands miss for Woodley but do allow him to move forward a bit more. Wonderboy quickly backs him up again though. Crowd are just furious with this, chanting “fight, fight” as both men feint and miss on some strikes. Wild wheel kick glances for Thompson. He follows with basically nothing as they continue to feint and circle with little action. This is such a bad fight and this might be the worst round yet somehow. Couple of punches glance for both men. One minute to go and it’s just more of the same. Left head kick glances for Thompson. Woodley backs him up a little but doesn’t land flush. Crowd rain down with boos as the round ends. 10-9 Thompson I guess for doing very slightly more in what was an awful round. I’ve got it 39-37 going into the fifth meaning Woodley likely needs a finish.

Round Five and Woodley connects on a big right to begin the round and pushes forward, but Thompson glances on a right head kick to slow him up a little. Woodley at least has his back away from the fence now though. Thompson manages to get him back into the same pace though, forcing him back again before he glances on another right hand. Again Woodley tries to push forward, but he can’t seem to land cleanly. Low kick lands for Thompson. More boos follow from the crowd as the action lulls again with Woodley coming up short on a big swing. Wonderboy isn’t throwing much at all in this round. Big right misses again for Woodley. Left to the body glances for Wonderboy as does a head kick. Right hand glances for Woodley to back Thompson up. We’ve got one minute to go now. Couple of rushes from Woodley back Wonderboy up, and with seconds remaining a pair of right hands LAND AND SEND WONDERBOY DOWN! Woodley bombs away looking to finish, and as Thompson stands the champ lands with a CRUSHING RIGHT HAND THAT FOLDS HIM!~! Looks like Wonderboy might be out, but somehow Big John McCarthy lets it go and he makes it back up! Woodley keeps on landing, trying desperately for the finish, but he can’t put the challenger away. Huge right hand rocks Wonderboy again but he backs out of range and that’s it! 10-8 Woodley for the close finish…..which means a FUCKING DRAW on my scorecard, 47-47. Unbelievable.

We’re going to the judges, and the official scores are 48-47 Woodley, 47-47….and 48-47 for Tyron Woodley to retain. Not sure if I’d agree with that at all but you know what? After watching that fight I don’t care all that much. The judges who went with Woodley didn’t give him a 10-8 fifth round (the judge who scored a draw had it the same as I did) but instead gave him the second round, and while I didn’t, I don’t think Wonderboy can have many complaints as he did so little in that round (and in the first and fourth too) and so those sort of rounds can always go either way. The problem seemed to be that Wonderboy was too worried about the takedown and Woodley’s speed to truly open up, while Woodley was too worried about Wonderboy’s counter-striking to open up too. It happens sometimes and I’m not saying either man was wrong for using that sort of gameplan, but it’s entertainment too and this wasn’t entertaining. At the end of the day this was one of the worst title fights in UFC history for me – the worst one since GSP/Shields I’d say – saved only by the Woodley flurry in the fifth and to me that pretty much justifies him retaining. Not that anyone will want to see his next title defense, but there you go. Personally I’m just glad we haven’t got to see a third fight. Give us Woodley vs. the Maia/Masvidal winner next and I’ll be happy.

-Show ends with some highlights and plugs for the upcoming shows.

Final Thoughts….

Well, it was better than UFC 208 but that’s not saying much. Really, we got four fun fights – especially Vannata/Teymur, although I really enjoyed Hunt/Overeem and Kelly/Evans too – capped off with a stinker of a main event that dragged the whole thing down. I’d say watch the first four fights and then skip to the fifth round of the main event, but I can’t really go the full thumbs up due to how bad Woodley/Thompson was. Thumbs in the middle, then.

Best Fight: Vannata vs. Teymur
Worst Fight: Woodley vs. Thompson

Overall Rating: **3/4

Until next time,

Scott Newman: