MMA Review: #709: UFC 245: Usman vs. Covington

-The last UFC PPV of 2019 was a BIG ONE, with three title fights including the massive grudge match between Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington for the UFC Welterweight title. On paper at least this looked like it could be the best show of the year.

UFC 245: Usman vs. Covington

Las Vegas, Nevada

-Your hosts are Jon Anik, Joe Rogan and Daniel Cormier.

Bantamweight Fight: Urijah Faber vs Petr Yan

After returning to KO Ricky Simon in a matter of seconds in July, there was some ludicrous talk about Faber fighting Henry Cejudo for the Bantamweight title. Thankfully that didn’t happen – not that Cejudo’s first challenger ended up being any more deserving – and the California Kid ended up faced with the surging Yan – who was 5-0 in the UFC – instead. Word was that the winner would get a title shot in 2020 which was fair to me as a win over Yan would definitely have made Faber deserving, even if I couldn’t see it happening.

Round One and wow, for a dude who’s 40 Faber is in incredible shape. Yan stalks forward right away and forces him back, landing a low kick. Looks like he’s trying to corral Faber against the fence. Step-in knee ala Donald Cerrone lands for Faber but Yan just walks through it. Crowd are hugely behind Urijah. Yan isn’t throwing a lot but he’s still doing a good job of forcing Faber to fight his fight. Good right hand lands for Yan as he continues to stalk forward. Heavy body kick follows but Urijah catches the leg. He can’t secure a takedown though and the Russian separates. Another clinch fails for Faber. Yan is being unbelievably patient. One minute to go and an uppercut and short right hand have Faber hurt a bit. He gets into an exchange and gets tagged again, and then fails on a takedown attempt. They clinch up and Yan separates with a nasty elbow. Good leg kick lands for Faber. Seconds to go and Yan lands with a knee and they clinch to end the round. Close round, but Yan forced Faber back throughout so I’d go with him.

Round Two and right away Yan puts the pressure on. Overhand right lands for Faber but he’s still being forced backwards seemingly no matter what he does. Short uppercut lands for Yan before a brief clinch. Strong left hook from Faber but again Yan puts him on his back foot. They clinch and exchange a bit wildly before Faber forces the Russian into the fence, but Yan breaks off. Yan is doing a great job of deflecting Faber’s punches. Big right from Faber sets up a clinch but Yan breaks with a left. Stiff jab forces Faber backwards too. Single leg attempt from Urijah but Yan easily escapes, and then unleashes a HUGE THREE PUNCH COMBO that drops Faber HARD. He might be done. He ends up in the turtle position covering up as Yan dives on him to finish, but the Russian can’t seal it and Urijah stands back up. He’s badly cut though. They separate and Faber scores with a right hand that buckles Yan’s legs for a second, but he recovers quickly, blocks a couple of follow ups and then LEVELS Faber with an elbow from the clinch! Again Urijah covers up from the turtle position, but he’s bleeding all over the place now. They stand and Yan grabs a rear waistlock to force him back down where he lands in guard. Looks like Faber’s got multiple cuts.

Ref Keith Peterson calls time to check the cuts and wow, it looks like he’s bleeding from the nose, mouth, left ear, and his left eye is GROSSLY SWOLLEN. Somehow they decide he can continue from the same position, and Yan avoids a leglock and they stand back up. Right hand drops Faber again but he pops back up. Faber’s heart is as huge as ever as he’s still firing right back. Seconds to go and Yan gets a takedown from a rear waistlock, and ends the round on top. 10-8 round for Petr Yan.

Round Three and Jesus, Faber’s face is just an absolute mess even after the cut man’s done his job. Yan hits him with a stiff jab and a body kick right away. Faber continues to fire back, but he eats a head kick and another combo as Yan looks supremely confident now, just potshotting him. They clinch up but Faber can’t get him down, and as they separate Yan KILLS HIM DEAD WITH A LEFT HEAD KICK. Holy shit.

Replay shows the kick somehow came DIRECTLY from the clinch which is insane as he didn’t even really turn his hips over, just threw his leg up with unbelievable power and speed to knock Faber silly. I know Faber’s an old man by MMA standards now but it was still crazy to see him beaten down like this – basically the worst beating he’d ever taken in his career, even worse than the Mike Brown or Jose Aldo fights. Yan is clearly the real deal although I’d be interested in seeing him against an opponent who could stop him corralling them towards the fence as he did here so easily. This was a hell of an opener, at any rate.

Bantamweight Fight: Marlon Moraes vs Jose Aldo

I was gobsmacked when the UFC announced this fight, as Aldo had always supposedly struggled to make 145lbs and had considered moving up to 155lbs at one point, and so to see him dropping to 135lbs seemed nearly impossible. But he made it at weigh-in time and actually didn’t look too unhealthy, surprisingly enough. I couldn’t see him winning this one though as I felt he was past his prime while Moraes – despite his bad loss to Henry Cejudo – was still amongst the best Bantamweights in the world.

First round begins and Moraes has Aldo hurt with a head kick right away, but the former champ takes it pretty well. Another one lands though and he also takes a couple of punches. Moraes is insanely fast. Clean counter right lands for Aldo as Moraes tries to step in now. Action settles a bit and it looks like Aldo’s backing Moraes up now. He lands some decent jabs and avoids some big shots from Moraes, but doesn’t really land anything big himself. Solid combo lands for Moraes. He just seems slightly quicker than Aldo right now even though he’s being backed up. Few nice punches land for Aldo and Moraes looks hurt. They trade pretty wildly and Aldo stuns him with a heavy right, but Moraes grabs him and gets a nice takedown to half-guard. Round ends there. Tricky round to score as Aldo came on well late, but I’d go 10-9 Moraes for the earlier work.

Second round and Aldo looks much fresher coming out of his corner. Jabs open the round for Moraes but a head kick is blocked. Aldo continues to back him up, landing a low kick and walking through a stiff counterpunch. Nice right hand from Aldo. Moraes looks cut on the bridge of the nose. Couple of combos land for Moraes but Aldo’s taking them really well. He continues to back Moraes up, landing some jabs and huge body shots in the process. Big uppercut connects for Aldo. Both men are landing some really stiff jabs here. Nasty one-two from Aldo and he eats up a left from Moraes. Big exchange sees both men land huge punches. This is a great fight.

Aldo’s actually smiling now. He keeps pouring on the pressure too, eating Moraes’ punches and walking through them to land his own. Wheel kick is blocked by Aldo. Flying knee glances for Aldo as he keeps on walking Moraes down and firing punches at him. Big uppercut lands for Aldo. This is the best he’s looked in years, wow. Big left hand lands for Moraes but again Aldo takes it well. Round ends with a stiff jab from Moraes. Another close one, but Aldo forced Moraes back throughout and landed the better shots, so 19-19 going into the third.

Third round and Aldo again pours on the pressure, opening with jabs before landing a clean right hand. Triple jab connects beautifully for Moraes. Aldo keeps on backing him up though, cutting the cage off well and landing his own jabs. Couple of lefts connect for Moraes but he just can’t seem to force Aldo onto his back foot. Two minutes to go and both men land decent combinations. Big straight right connects for Aldo. He keeps on with the pressure but Moraes does land with a strong right hand of his own. Big leg kick connects for him too. Left hand follows but Aldo puts the pressure on again to force him back. Takedown attempt is stopped by Aldo with a knee, but Moraes counters with a combination. Aldo lands one of his own and Moraes is badly cut around his left eye. Pretty wild exchange ends the fight. 10-9 Aldo for me although it was close, and I’d go 29-28 for him overall.

Judges go 29-28 Moraes, 29-28 Aldo, and 29-28….for Marlon Moraes. Big shocker there as I don’t get that call at all, to me Aldo clearly won the second and it looked like he definitely took the third too although it was admittedly close. Really good fight though and I definitely didn’t expect Aldo to look that good, especially when you consider Moraes was the top contender in the division. Strangely the UFC has essentially treated it like Aldo won anyway, giving him the next Bantamweight title shot while Moraes hasn’t been re-booked yet, and while I’m not sure I agree with a guy coming off a loss getting a shot like that, he definitely looked great here.

UFC Women’s World Bantamweight Title: Amanda Nunes vs Germaine De Randamie

Despite being a title fight featuring the consensus greatest female fighter of all time in Nunes, this one wasn’t capturing the imagination of many fans for a couple of reasons. Firstly Nunes had already beaten GDR, albeit way back in 2013, and while the Dutch fighter hadn’t actually lost since – going 5-0 – it definitely felt like she’d been given the fight due to nobody else being worthy. Plus, the last time GDR had won a title she’d dropped it after refusing to fight Cris Cyborg, who Nunes obviously destroyed. Obvious pick was Nunes because well, it’s Amanda Nunes.

Round One begins and the crowd are treating Nunes as a big star at least. Leg kick from Nunes and she follows with a big overhand right that knocks GDR backwards. Another one follows but GDR seems okay. Kick from the Dutchwoman is caught and Nunes lands with another right. Couple more punches land for Nunes and she ducks under and easily dumps the challenger onto her back in guard. Nunes stands over her to drop some punches, but one misses and she stands. Guillotine attempt from Nunes and it looks tight, but when she pulls guard to finish GDR slips her head free. They pop back up into the clinch and GDR works some knees inside, but Nunes slips out and hits another takedown. Big ground-and-pound lands for Nunes over the top and she avoids some upkicks. More shots connect for the champ and GDR is in trouble. She’s doing just enough to not be stopped, though. One minute to go and Keith Peterson could probably call this and it wouldn’t be wrong. Arm triangle attempt from Nunes looks tight now but GDR holds on and survives. Big elbows follow for Nunes and she basically ignores a nasty upkick. Round ends with Nunes standing over GDR. 10-8 round for the champ.

Round Two and GDR comes out firing her jab, although she takes a couple of heavy leg kicks. Nice combo lands for the challenger. She’s backing Nunes up with her right hand now. The champ fires back with some punches of her own and then drops under for an easy double leg to guard. GDR ties her up though, and after some inactivity Keith Peterson stands them up. Huge head kick glances for GDR but Nunes takes it well and fires back with a right hand. More punches have Nunes backpedalling and GDR follows with a flying knee that lands, but the champ manages to clinch to slow her down. Big knee lands for De Randamie but Nunes seems okay. Another knee connects but Nunes ducks under and takes her down again. Action slows a bit before Nunes drops a solid elbow. Triangle attempt from GDR is avoided pretty easily. Nunes stands up over her before dropping some shots to end the round. 10-9 GDR for me due to the amount of great strikes she landed.

Round Three and they trade low kicks before GDR tags the champ with a right hand. Nunes hits another big double leg though and trips her right down. This time Nunes moves into half-guard and practically has a mounted crucifix too. GDR avoids that, but eats a couple of elbows from the top. Crowd boo a little as GDR is practically begging for a stand-up, but Nunes seems to be doing enough to ensure Peterson won’t call it. Big elbows are getting through for Nunes now. She’s really beating GDR down in this round. One minute to go and Nunes stands over her, but eats a big upkick as she looks to drop down and appears to be stunned. She’s still on top though and pays GDR back pretty instantly with some harsh elbows. Seconds to go and De Randamie reverses to her feet, but Nunes hits a switch and puts her back down into a front headlock to end the round. 10-9 Nunes.

Round Four begins and they trade strikes from distance before Nunes shoots and hits a really simple takedown to half-guard. GDR didn’t even defend that one. From there the champ feeds her a steady diet of elbows, and it doesn’t look like the Dutchwoman’s got much answer to it as she’s probably tired now. Out of nowhere though she throws up a triangle attempt and it actually looks REALLY tight! Nunes flips over the top but winds up in a mounted triangle, but somehow gets free, holy shit that was close. GDR manages to use the opportunity to stand, but Nunes tackles her right back down. Action slows down in GDR’s guard with 1:30 to go before Nunes goes to work again with short elbows and punches. Round ends with Nunes on top. 10-9 Nunes and she’s quite far ahead going into the final round now.

Round Five and GDR tries a low kick but Nunes takes her down off it within seconds of the round beginning. GDR gets full guard, but Nunes starts to hit her with more short punches and elbows and this is probably over now. Crowd sound a bit restless as the round continues with Nunes just keeping a steady pace with ground-and-pound, but it doesn’t look like Peterson is willing to stand them up. More of the same continues and with seconds to go Nunes stands over her and drops into side mount. Round ends with Nunes in firm control. 10-9 Nunes, and I’d give the fight to her 49-45.

Official scores are 49-44, 49-46, and 49-45 for Amanda Nunes to retain her title. Pretty fun fight actually as GDR had Nunes in legit trouble in the second and fourth rounds, but her takedown defense just couldn’t hold up enough for her to really come close to outright winning. Chalk up another win over a former UFC titleholder for Nunes too, and there’s just nobody to touch her at this point as the best female fighter in MMA history.

UFC World Featherweight Fight: Max Holloway vs Alexander Volkanovski

This one sounded like a pretty awesome title fight, as Volkanovski had won 7 straight fights in the UFC including taking out both Chad Mendes and Jose Aldo to earn his shot, while Holloway was coming off his third successful title defense against Frankie Edgar after stepping up to Lightweight in a losing effort against Dustin Poirier. Despite the damage Max had taken in that fight I couldn’t see anyone dethroning him at 145lbs, and picked him to make his 4th successful title defense.

First round and the crowd are ridiculously into Holloway, who looks much taller than Volkanovski. Both guys look pretty tentative early on, with Holloway landing a nice jab and Volkanovski hitting him with two good low kicks. Stinging combo lands for Max and Volkanovski acknowledges it with a nod. The Aussie does land another leg kick and a one-two though. Another leg kick connects for him and he clips Holloway with a left too. Holloway looks like he’s just getting warmed up. Solid counter left lands for Volkanovski. He’s landing a lot of low kicks in this round. Holloway is winging counters at him but Volkanovski seems quick enough to dodge them. Nice leg kick from Max. Exchange continues and it’s so weird to see someone as quick as Holloway. Takedown attempt from Volkanovski but the champ stuffs it. Low kick and another rushing combo glances for the Aussie. Round ends on the feet in a clinch. 10-9 Volkanovski in a tight round.

Second round and Volkanovski lands two leg kicks off the bat. He’s really working on the lead leg as Holloway always leans over on it to snipe with his strikes. Couple more low kicks follow and they’re clearly having an effect now. Stinging counter right lands for the Aussie after another low kick. Volkanovski is looking great here. Holloway is just taking these kicks over and over and while he’s coming forward, he can’t seem to get a lot going. Right hand connects for the Hawaiian but he isn’t chaining combinations together as he would normally do. Decent one-two finally does tag the Aussie but he takes it well and fires back with a combo of his own. Clean right hook connects for the challenger and Holloway has to retreat. Big combo from Holloway connects as Volkanovski steps inside, but he seems okay. Spin kick glances for the champ. Round ends with another Volkanovski low kick and a brief exchange. Closer round but I’d still give it to Volkanovski, 10-9.

Third round and both guys miss on some of their early strikes. Holloway’s definitely struggling to move as well as he would normally do due to the compromised leg. Strong left hand lands for Volkanovski as he comes forward. He’s actually outstriking Holloway, incredibly. Kick from Holloway is caught and the Aussie sticks him with a right hand. Another right hand connects for the challenger. Holloway is stepping into range now and Volkanovski’s catching him with punches. Nice combo from the challenger ends in a clean left hand. Holloway’s landing some shots of his own as Volkanovski has some swelling under his left eye. Jabs land for both men but Volkanovski works the body and connects on a leg kick too. Another good leg kick connects for the Aussie. Big counter knee connects for Holloway though as Volkanovski steps in, but he takes it well. Exchange continues and both men land some good shots. Spinning backfist misses for Max on the buzzer. 10-9 Volkanovski.

Fourth round and Volkanovski again opens with a couple of heavy leg kicks and a combination. Big right hand connects for the Aussie. Holloway corrals him for a second but even then Volkanovski lands with a right hand and a low kick before circling out. Never seen Holloway be picked apart like this before. Big takedown attempt from Volkanovski is stuffed and he comes back with a big combination as Volkanovski pushes forward. Another one follows and forces the challenger back, but he comes back with a low kick to slow Holloway down again. Exchange continues with Holloway answering a combo with a double jab. Nasty uppercut lands for the Hawaiian. Leg kick into a right hand from Volkanovski but Holloway fires back with a stiff jab. Body shot follows for the champ. Holloway’s really backing Volkanovski up now but he’s still eating strikes and especially low kicks. Big exchange sees both men land. Seconds to go and Volkanovski’s left eye is looking a bit busted up now. Round ends with another exchange. Closest round yet, I’d go 10-9 Volkanovski but you could go either way really.

Fifth round begins and Holloway pressures forward, but eats two leg kicks again in the early going. Nice right hand to the body from the champ. Volkanovski hits him with two more leg kicks though and follows with a combination. Big overhand right lands for the challenger but Holloway comes back with a heavy right to the body. Combination follows and lands cleanly but Volkanovski just smiles at him. They’re talking a lot of trash to one another now. Another combo connects for the Hawaiian and ends in a big kick to the body. Clipping left lands for Volkanovski. Another leg kick connects too in another exchange. Clinch from the Aussie and he forces Holloway into the fence, but can’t get him down. Big right hands land for both men and then they taunt each other some more and openly exchange with big punches. Takedown is stuffed by Holloway and he lands an uppercut as Volkanovski comes forward that slows him down a little. Less than a minute to go now and neither man is slowing down, and it’s Holloway who puts the pressure on with combinations. Volkanovski clinches him in the final seconds though, and the round ends shortly after. 10-9 Holloway, but 49-46 for Volkanovski overall, surprisingly enough.

Judges go 48-47, 48-47 and 50-45 for the NEW champion, Alexander Volkanovski. Unbelievable performance from the Aussie and a tremendous fight overall. I never thought in a million years that he would be skilled enough on the feet to outpoint Max Holloway and yet he did it and at times made it look easy. Story of the fight was essentially that Volkanovski was quick enough to dodge Holloway’s early attacks and used the leg kicks to prevent all that footwork that the Hawaiian usually uses to walk down his opponents to unleash his combinations. From there he could land his own punches and while he didn’t come close to a finish, he definitely outlanded the champ. Next up is a rematch and if Holloway can avoid those leg kicks then I really don’t know how the fight goes, but for now, massive credit has to go to Volkanovski. Amazing that we’d be in 2020 with TWO Australian UFC champs.

UFC World Welterweight Title: Kamaru Usman vs Colby Covington

Well, this fight had become a pretty HUGE grudge match over time, and in fact you could probably argue it was the biggest personal feud in a UFC main event since like, Khabib vs. McGregor. Simple story was basically that Covington had won the Interim Welterweight title back in June 2018 but never got a unification match, while Usman had won the full title by unseating Tyron Woodley in March 2019, but the truth went a lot deeper. Essentially, Covington’s trash-talking persona had been built – a lot like Donald Trump’s – on xenophobia and racism, and so when he was finally matched with Usman – a Nigerian immigrant – the things he’d said were unbelievably offensive. That meant that despite Usman having a generally stoic personality, suddenly he was a MASSIVE babyface fighting against by far the most hated man in the sport, making this a must-see fight.

Round One begins and right away they exchange with both guys landing decent shots in the early going. Couple of good kicks to the body land for Colby. He’s being slightly more active here but both guys connect with punches. Hard right hand lands for Usman. Another one follows off a faked takedown attempt but Covington comes back with a short flurry. Big left hook lands for Covington and they exchange pretty openly. Combination seems to have Usman hurt but he swings right back and these guys are just TRADING from the pocket. Exchange continues and neither man is backing down at all here. They trade jabs and Covington lands with a hard left hook. Usman comes back by digging to the body as the trade continues. Stinging left by Colby but when he tries a flying knee Usman replies with an uppercut to the body. Another left hand lands for Covington. Both men keep on firing and the round ends on the feet. 10-9 Covington in a very close round. Incredible action, too.

Round Two and Usman misses a head kick in the opening seconds. They continue to trade off with jabs and you can see Usman’s going to be really aggressive in this round. Big right hand lands to the body for the Nigerian. Pair of hard right jabs land follow. Covington tries to wing punches back, but Usman digs to the body and follows with a front kick there too. Usman is constantly switching stances here and landing jabs and straight punches from both. Clean left hook lands for him as Covington connects on a jab of his own. Big overhand left from Colby and he wobbles Kamaru with a right, but the champ quickly recovers and sticks him with another jab. Both guys continue to exchange big punches with Usman landing a nasty combo. They’re keeping an incredible pace. Beautiful uppercut lands to the body for Usman and Covington responds with a LOW BLOW.

Crowd are horrified by that one but it definitely looked accidental, like a kick that scraped the groin on the way down. Usman looks ready to go quickly and they restart, picking right up where they left off by exchanging hard jabs. Looks like Covington might be bleeding from the mouth and slightly from the right eye too. Nice combination lands for Colby but Usman clubs him back with a left hand. Big combos land for both men and Usman wobbles Covington with a right uppercut. This fight is incredible. Big body shot forces Colby to backpedal a little and Usman digs him again in another exchange. Round ends there. 10-9 Usman to even things up and they’re STILL talking trash at each other as they head to their corners.

Round Three and Usman lands a digging front kick to the body in the early going. They exchange jabs again and Usman lands with a knee to the body. Looks like the pace has slowed very slightly in this round. Overhand right glances for Kamaru. Big right hand connects for him too but Colby takes it well. Body kick from Usman but Covington keeps on throwing his jab. Another kick digs into Covington’s body. Brutal right lands there too. Usman’s beginning to break him down with these body shots. Another front kick lands to Colby’s body but Colby comes back with an overhand left. He’s clearly slowing down though and Usman still looks very fresh. Yet another shot to the body lands for Usman. Straight right hand follows and Covington’s outright reacting to the body work now. Couple of left hands come back for Colby but he’s not landing cleanly now and Usman makes him pay with a clean left. Big head kick from Colby and he lands another and then really swings, but a shot seems to catch Usman in the eye and ref Marc Goddard calls time. Replay shows it was a pretty blatant gouge. Kamaru’s good to go though and they restart, and with seconds to go both men come out FIRING. Front kick to the body from Usman and he ends the round with a BRUTAL RIGHT HAND! That was the best shot of the fight thus far. 10-9 Usman and between rounds Colby tells his corner his JAW IS BROKEN.

Round Four and holy shit, Colby is tough as nails to fight through an injury like that. Kamaru opens with the front kick to the body and a short right hand that have Colby retreating. He comes back with a body kick of his own but you can almost tell he’s not quite right. Wild exchange sees Covington land a straight left though and Usman’s legs wobble for a second! BIG TRADE follows and both guys land hard shots. More shots to the body land for Usman to slow Colby down though. Colby’s face is fucked, swollen like hell and he’s bleeding from multiple places. Right hand lands for Colby and stumbles Usman for a second and he follows up with some big swings, but Usman fires back. Hard uppercut lands for Covington! These guys are just going toe to toe. More huge exchanges follow and both guys are landing hard shots. Usman’s right eye is badly marked up. Big straight right lands for him though. This is a very close round. Nasty combination lands for Colby. Kamaru comes right back with a stiff jab. Couple of strong leg kicks answer for Colby. Exchange continues and Goddard has to call time and give both guys a bit of a bollocking for potential eye pokes. Great refereeing. Exchange continues to the buzzer. Tightest round yet but I’d go 10-9 Covington for the bigger shots landed, evening it up going into the final round!

Round Five and Colby comes out firing the left hand, landing it pretty cleanly twice, but a head kick fires back for Usman. Nice combination connects for Covington. Another one follows and Usman’s chin holds up amazingly well. Stiff right hand answers back for Kamaru. Another three-punch combo lands for Colby but Usman fires right back and connects on a right to the body. More jabs from both and Colby glances on a head kick. He’s really winging the left hand in this round too. Big right hand wobbles Covington badly and Usman follows with one to the body. Combination from Kamaru has Colby backpedalling big time now. One-two rocks Covington again. Usman keeps pressing forward and a counter right lands and sends Colby DOWN! Somehow he pops back up, but he’s badly wobbled and another right decks him again! This time he tries a takedown, but Usman drops BOMBS ON THE HEAD and that’s enough to seal the deal. Incredible!

Well, you’ve got to say that Kamaru pulled that out like a true champion in the final round, as in all likelihood it was dead even going into that round despite Covington’s jaw injury. When it came down to it though, it was Usman who pressed the action and eventually his big power paid off, as the two punches he dropped Colby with would probably have knocked any fighter in the world out. And hey, chalk one up for the good guys – you don’t get closer to poetic justice than stopping Colby Covington by breaking his jaw, after all. Post-fight Usman dedicates the win to the ENTIRE WORLD and that’s understandable given what Covington stands for.

For me this was one of the best fights of 2019 and one of the best Welterweight title fights in UFC history too. Incredible main event and Usman remains unstoppable in my opinion.

-Show ends with some highlights and man, what a show in the end!

Final Thoughts….

Putting three title fights on one show is always risky as you could end up with a UFC 33 debacle, but this one certainly made the risk pay off. Every title fight was pretty awesome, in particular Usman/Covington, and the opening two fights were great as well. It’s a longer one to sit through but I’d put UFC 245 up there with the best shows of 2019 and probably the best shows in recent memory too. Thumbs way up.

Best Fight: Usman vs. Covington
Worst Fight: None

Overall Rating: ****3/4

Until next time,

Scott Newman: