The Oratory RAW Review Crew: November 22nd 2010 Nov23


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The Oratory RAW Review Crew: November 22nd 2010

Krizbii: The new RRC starts next week, I finished the old RRC last week, but then WWE threw a whole bunch of good stuff on the one Raw that fell in the gap.

It was too eventful to go un-reviewed (the banner above proves that), so just like John Cena, even though I got fired, I showed up anyway.

Opening Promo

Barrett said what needed to be said, did a good job of riding the crowd reactions and it set up the title match for the main event.

Truth vs Sheamus

They finally gave up on Truth’s crappy theme song. I’ve never liked What’s Up, but it’s so much more upbeat than the other one. Punk was excellent on commentary, doing both play-by-play and adding in sarcastic and smarky comments in a seamless way that Matt Striker could only dream of. The match was good with the right guy going over and the loser looking good in defeat, there’s not much more you could ask of them.

Assorted Segments of Nothingness

Seeing Cena pre-show at Wrestlemania was interesting, Laycool getting thrown out was amusing, Tamina kissing Santino was about damn time. Randy guaranteeing that Barrett wouldn’t leave with the WWE championship was factually accurate.

Jackson vs Riley

Zeke is still big, stiff and strong, other than that there’s not a lot to say.

Cena Farewell Promo

Nobody really believes Cena isn’t coming back, but for the less cynical fans this was a really genuine way to make it seem like he really is gone. The dueling chants were fun, although the best part was Punk joining in with Cena sucks. Cena telling Barrett to stop taking shortcuts and earn his way to the top was nice foreshadowing for later, while Barrett waving you can’t see me behind Cena’s back as he left the arena was a great visual.

DiBiase vs Bryan

Too short to be really good like their Survivor Series match, but Cena’s long goodbye probably cut down their time. Bryan doesn’t really need an angle with the Bellas, he’s over enough purely as a wrestler.

Natalya vs Alicia

A good diva match on Raw is a rare sight this year, so this was outstanding by those incredibly low standards as they managed to do a short, but neat and tidy bout that made the new champion look impressive.

Kidd vs Morrison

Hopefully Kidd doesn’t just become a jobber after his heel turn, these two could have great matches with enough time, this was just enough to get Morrison through to King of the Ring in impressive style.

Orton vs Barrett

You could tell something was up by the Nexus attack before the match, which made it kind of obvious that Barrett wouldn’t be winning. Orton did a good job of selling the injury and they had a reasonable match in the circumstances, before Cena came in to ensure Barrett couldn’t get the cheap win and opening up an opportunity for someone more deserving.

Orton vs The Miz

Miz got over his anxiety attack and focused on Orton’s injured leg, with Randy being very much the face in peril. The best thing about this was that they had a real match, a short match with the odds firmly in Miz’s favour, but an actual match rather than a cheap cash in when the champion was down and out.

Final Thoughts

A fantastic show that got the job done on everything it set out to do. Solid wrestling with the King of the Ring qualifiers and divas match, Cena leaving, but still ultimately getting the best of Barrett and a new WWE champion. I’ve been dead against Barrett getting the title as he’s not really ready for it and this show pretty much echoed those sentiments, with Cena telling Barrett to stop taking shortcuts and a guy who was a reality show wannabe but earned his spot through hard work ending the show as champion. I’m glad I didn’t give a ten to last week’s show, it would have cheapened my grade for this week if I had.

Score: 10

That just screwed all my stats up, but who cares. That really was the end of my time in the RRC, the new crew starts work next week. I may be back at some point in the future, but I can guarantee that John Cena will be back first.

RRC by the numbers

Last week: 9

2010 High Score: 10 (November 22nd)

2010 Low Score: 2 (May 10th)

2010 Average: 6.16

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