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RRC 2014: Dec 15th

The Raw Review Crew

December 15th 2014: On this week’s Raw Review Crew… Raw Is Jericho, a demon beats a bunny and the champ is here.

Krizbii... Welcome to this week’s RRC, a place where we routinely point out how awful Raw is, while occasionally finding something to praise. This week, I opted to watch Sheffield United beat Southampton rather than catch up on Raw, so flying solo this week here’s Justin.

Justin C...


Roman Reigns: I’ve been a pretty big critic of Reigns but I didn’t mind how he was used tonight. It’s actually how he should be used. Short and make an impact. Keep his promo work minimal and let his impact moves to the talking. He’s eventually going to have to step up his game and expand as a performer, but for now this is how Reigns should be booked and let it evolve over time.

Brock Lesnar: If you want fans to remember how bad ass Lesnar can be, they did a good job of doing it. I’ll be interested to see what the dynamic is between Lesnar, Heyman and Rollins is going forward. They could be a unique group going forward.



Chris Jericho: I thought the use of Jericho was pretty poor tonight. His one liner jokes were almost as bad as John Cena’s. Then he makes a match with Paul Heyman and rips on Lana and Rusev for no reason, and he’s suppose to be the face? He should have been destroyed by Lesnar back when he left in September. Then that gives him a reason to want to fight Paul Heyman, only to again be attacked by Brock Lesnar.

Booking of Erick Rowan: The booking of Rowan just goes to show you how poorly the WWE Creative structure is right now. Rowan gets a rub from being on Team Cena, and looks to be in line for some sort of push. But then he loses to Big Show at TLC, then takes the fall in the tag match on RAW. I’m not saying Rowan was going to become a main eventer. But a win or two over Big Show would have helped out. But instead, the WWE needs to make Big Show strong again for Roman Reigns. Just shows you how the WWE doesn’t think ahead at all.

New Day vs Goldust/Stardust: There’s a reason the fans turned on this match as quickly as they did. It’s not because the wrestling was bad. It’s because the fans have no reason to care about either of these teams anymore. The New Day was given a weak gimmick that people didn’t care about. It’s why about half of RAW is just unwatchable. We aren’t given any reason to care about these guys at all.


The WWE’s creative direction is just a giant mess right now. Apparently, there was a talent only meeting backstage about not having any kind of silent protest about booking. What should happen is the whole roster should step into Vince’s office and demand sweeping changes throughout the product. And something like that is desperately needed.

The main event was good and a couple other things were, but the overall show just fell flat and nothing of note really happened. I’ll give the show a 3.

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2014 Low Score: 1.25 (Oct 20)

Average Score: 3