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RRC 2014: Dec 22nd

The Raw Review Crew

December 22nd 2014: On this week’s Raw Review Crew… A Christmas edition, with Ho Ho Hogan and rematches galore.


It’s Christmas time, there’s no need to be afraid
At Christmas time, we review Raw and we give it grades

So I could do a whole review in the style of Do They Know It’s Christmas, but as it’s days late already, and I have nothing much to say about the show, here’s Justin.

Justin C...

There was some good wrestling on tonight’s show. But the problem is for a lot of these matches, it is the third time we are seeing them over a span of eight days. That just kills a lot of heat for most of these matches. They don’t feel special at all anymore. Rollins/Cena was good, Bray/Ambrose was fun as well. But again, it was the third time we have seen these matches.

Tonight’s show for the most part felt like a glorified house show with a Christmas theme. And that’s what we get around this time of year. I know it would never happen, but the WWE could really use a two week or so break from the RAW after TLC to the first RAW of the new year. Nothing of note ever really happens on these last few shows. The show gets a 4 for the good wrestling that it had. But nothing else really happened.

And I do hope the WWE audience gives Roman Reigns a fair shot. I have questions about whether he succeeds as well, but to turn on him before he is given a shot is ridculous. Its because of this we get stuck with John Cena all the time. Reigns isn’t taking Daniel Bryan’s spot. For all we know, Bryan won’t wrestle ever again. Now if Bryan is healthy and ready to go? Sure I’ll take him over Reigns. The storyline is so easy and ready to go. But that is IF Bryan is healthy, which is the big unknown. But for the fans to turn on Reigns without just cause is not fair to him.

And that ends my Roman Reigns rant.

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