RRC 2014: Dec 29th

The Raw Review Crew

December 29th 2014: On this week’s Raw Review Crew… Retirements, kazoos, John, John, John, John, John, John, John, John.

It’s the last-ever RRC of 2014 and possibly the last one overall. With a lack of time and motivation to keep writing them, I’m bowing out of doing weekly Raw reviews, but that doesn’t mean it’s definitely the end – wrestling retirements rarely last, plans change and the last time I stopped doing this, I was back three months later. So whether it’s me, somebody else, next week, next month or some other time in the future, the RRC may still rise again. My review is down the bottom, first it’s the other half of the RRC’s past four years, Justin.

Justin C...
That was certainly a newsworthy RAW to end 2014. We had the return of the Authority, which I’m surprised at. I didn’t think we would see them until after the Rumble. Daniel Bryan is coming back, which puts the WWE in an interesting predicament. Are they really going to take the chance of putting Bryan in the Rumble and not winning, and risk Roman Reigns getting booed if he does? I don’t know about that.

There was also some good wrestling on the show with Ziggler/Rusev, Rollins/Reigns and the Tag Title match. Hell even Ryback’s promo wasn’t bad. This show didn’t feel like three hours. It had a good flow to it and it didn’t drag. I found it weird that the Ascension debuted as faces.

This was definitely a newsworthy show to bring RAW into 2015. I liked it and am going to give the show a 7. The Bryan announcement definitely bumped the score up a point.

With this being the last RRC, I want to thank everyone for reading. You can still read my full length RAW Reviews at HTCWrestling.com, and you can also follow me on Twitter @JCWonka


Edge/Christian/Heyman/Cena Promo
A good start to the show, even though some of the humour was awful. E&C getting interrupted didn’t matter too much since they were going to be back later, but this was a poor use of a Lesnar appearance. Cena is a lost cause, he gets a little bit more unwatchable with every appearance.

Ziggler vs Rusev
A very good match, and a sensible ending, with neither man losing, Rusev looking slightly vulnerable to Ziggler’s attacks and Dolph only destroyed thanks to a DQ and an accolade using the ropes. Normally I’d expect Dolph to be jobbed out as Rusev is unbeatable, instead they did something better.

Ryback Promo
WWE’s lack of attention to history is well-known, referring back to previous gimmicks is even more unusual, and although I’ve no idea why this was chosen as the time to give Ryback’s life story, it kind of worked OK to add something to his promo, which otherwise was just a meathead saying “you big, me big, we fight”.

Natalya vs Nikki
A poorly executed match which was supposed to make people tune in to Total Divas. I’m not sure that’ll work.

Usos vs Miz/Mizdow
It seems too soon to split Miz and Mizdow, so the title change was a bit of a surprise, but the match was good, so it’s hard to complain. Post-match interviews are something that should probably happen more, but this one didn’t make much sense. The Usos and Naomi played Miz? Really? Really? That angle was mostly kept backstage and Naomi had no relevance to this match whatsoever.

Cesaro vs Barrett
Cesaro getting to do a bit of a worked shoot was another thing out of the ordinary this week, but it would have been good for him to get a couple of weeks of that angle and let him build some momentum before ending it with some bad news.

Harper vs Swagger
A decent match that was lacking any real reason to exist, hopefully Harper’s push gets some direction rather than just racking up random wins.

Christian was great at creating some awkwardness, while Cena decided that while putting Edge over, he’d just put himself over too. Did I miss Cena’s official heel turn, he seems to be in constant dick mode now.

Rollins vs Reigns
This should really be a PPV main event at some point, but instead it’s not even a Raw main event. The match was fine, but rather than the rivalry of the men in the ring, all the attention seemed to be on Big Show at ringside, who insisted throughout that he wasn’t going to interfere, then interfered. Cole acting like Reigns being trapped under the flimsy plywood announce table and having a bit of equipment falling on him was the biggest tragedy ever was ridiculous, even by Michael Cole standards.

Bryan’s Career Defining Moment
Isn’t it kind of a dick move for a top face to tease his fans with having to retire before revealing it wasn’t true and he was actually fine? It got a big pop, but it’s the kind of thing you’d expect Cena to do more than Bryan.

Christian playing Bryan’s theme on a kazoo was brilliant, as was Mizdow staring at Edge’s puppet (which looked disturbingly like William Regal).

Ascension vs Miz/Mizdow
I like the Ascension’s music, their finisher is decent, but other than that, there’s not a lot to like. The addition of facepaint looks stupid and jobbing Mizdow to them was idiotic as he never got the chance to do anything Mizdow-y to get the fans behind him.

Cutting Edge Peep Show
This was a decent idea, but seemed to drag a little bit too much, and Rollins not explicitly saying what he wanted was odd (kind of like how when teasing Bryan’s retirement earlier, the announcers skirted around actually using the word retire). Cena caving in was stupid since he got to Edge before Seth stomped him anyway, so it was a waste of time all for nothing. Brock looking bored in the background was really worth him showing up.

Final Thoughts
The Raw was a bit bipolar, some of it was the usual crap, random matches with no meaning, jobbing the wrong people and Cena being a bad face, but among all that were some signs of promise that made the show feel fresh, like Ryback, Cesaro and the Usos getting mic time, which gave all of them a bit more character even if Cesaro did make a mistake and the Usos promo was a bit illogical. The Authority being back already seems a bit too soon, but it was still a good show to end the year.

Score: 7

Fun fact: The last time I stopped doing the RRC, Miz won the WWE title the following week, lets hope that doesn’t happen this time.

And that concludes the RRC for another year, at least it ended on a high after a long run of low scores as no episode had scored a 7 since mid-August. I’ll do a wrap up of the all-time RRC numbers at some point, but for now, I’ll leave you with this year’s stats. Thanks for reading, thanks to Justin for writing, and I hope everyone has a great new year.

RRC By The Numbers
Last Week: 4
2014 High Score: 8.50 (Apr 7)
2014 Low Score: 1.25 (Oct 20)
Writer Averages
Krizbii: 5.08
Justin C: 4.74
Monthly Averages
January: 5.16
February: 5.25
March: 6.60
April: 5.94
May: 2.88
June: 6.13
July: 5.38
August: 5.13
September: 3.90
October: 3.81
November: 4.75
December: 3.70
2014 Average: 4.90

Average Score: 7



To be continued…