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RRC 2014: Dec 8th

The Raw Review Crew

December 8th 2014: On this week’s Raw Review Crew… Slammys, matches, deva vu and an uninspiring debut

Krizbii... Welcome to this week’s Slammytastic RRC, Justin will be here in a bit, first, some guy called Krizbii.

The Slammys
While having fan voting sounds like a good idea, the whole thing just wasted too much time, the nominee video packages were too long, the presenter segments weren’t entertaining (except Mizdow) and most people weren’t even there to do acceptance speeches. How many introductions does Jerry Fucking Lawler need? Wasting time on presenters introducing presenters was just stupid. At least Roman Reigns showed up and didn’t get interviewed by Michael Cole.

Rollins vs Ziggler
The match was OK, but didn’t feel important and wasn’t as good as they’re capable off. The curb stomp looked awesome.

Kofi vs Stardust
Didn’t get much time or add anything to the New Day’s characters beyond the impression of the Slammys statue.

Charlotte vs Natalya
WWE’s narrative for this match was pretty much this: “Here’s Charlotte, she’s really good. Here’s a video package, told you she was really good. Here’s Natalya, Charlotte is such a loser. Be sure to tune into NXT anyway. By the way, Nattie sucks too, here’s Tyson Kidd”. I don’t particularly like Charlotte, but if you’re using this match to promote the NXT special, don’t job her out like that.

Wyatt Promo
Angry Bray cuts a better promo than his usualy supernatural bullshit. Somebody in production obviously decided that smoke was cool this week, with Bray’s smoking battery powered light and Ambrose’s smoking ambulance. This angle really could have bombed, but both guys are crazy enough that they’ve pulled it off so far.

Harper vs Rowan
Why bother having doing an angle between th former teammates when they can just throw them into a meaningless match with no build instead.

Lana Promo
There wasn’t a lot of content to this, more just a reason for Rusev to be in the ring, so that Swagger could look good before jobbing at TLC.

Usos/Ryback vs Kane/Miz/Mizdow
This happened in the ring, while Cole interviewed Seth Green. At least Mizdow attracted their attention a bit, so the match wasn’t completely ignored, but almost.

AJ vs Summer
I’m not sure why this match even existed, but it’d have been far better to have it immediately after AJ won Diva of the Year rather than fitting it awkwardly around the match of the year announcement.

Cena vs Show
The only good thing about this being on Raw is that it’s not on TLC, but this match feel like it’s been done almost as often as Cena/Orton just so the commentators can be impressed by Cena getting Show up for the AA. Lots of run-ins at the end was an obvious development, tune in on Sunday for Survivor Series, oh no that was last month, but nobody is watching so re-hashing everything won’t matter.

Final Thoughts
Foley’s Al Snow reference in the Santa segment was possibly the highlight of the show. The Slammys were drawn-out and worthless, and the matches were just thrown in after long periods of inactivity. Ambrose and Wyatt did their bit well, but with everything else a spin-off of the Survivor Series match, the TLC build didn’t seem like anything new, while the chance to showcase NXT ahead of R-Evolution just had a quick job for Charlotte, while the eternally useless Summer Rae got a longer match later in the show. Not a great show, with little in the way of entertainment.

Score: 2

Justin C...

Damien Mizdow: We got to see Mizdow three times tonight. I thought this character would eventually lose steam, but it hasn’t and I’m glad. I don’t know what this will lead to once Mizdow breaks away from Miz, but he is very entertaining right now. He’s a comedy act but one that the fans love because Mizdow does it so well.

Bray Wyatt/Dean Ambrose: I actually liked the interaction these two had this week. Bray got away from his typical promos and pretty much said he was out to destroy Dean Ambrose this Sunday instead of wanting to change him in some way. Ambrose was good in his typical lunatic fashion as well. Hoping, and expecting, a good match this Sunday.

Luke Harper vs Erik Rowan: Yes, I understand the match was just a throwaway match that didn’t last long. But I was hoping these two would feud next and I didn’t want to see them have any one-on-one interaction until that happened. Have a build up, maybe a backstory about their time in the Wyatt Family. But instead they were just put in a match for no reason and it didn’t matter.

Charlotte’s Debut: If I had more faith in the WWE, I would think that maybe this would lead to something. But I don’t. To have Charlotte come out and lose in her first match to Natalya, a Diva that is barely used, is just wrong. What good will that do for Charlotte going forward? None whatsoever.

Slammy Format: The format of recent Slammy shows has always bothered me. Presenter, nominees, commercial break, match, then award. Why not just have all the awards announced before the show, have all “voting” be done before the show, then move on. Everything here just seems too choppy and has no flow to it whatsoever.

Nothing about this show really made me want to watch TLC. They’ve taken everything from Survivor Series and broke it into separate singles programs. I expected that, however. Decemeber is typically when the WWE gets into a holding pattern. Nothing big really ever happenes, and the WWE is just waiting to get into Wrestlemania season.

That’s why we get what we get in December. Hopefully we can all survive these next few weeks and get into the Royal Rumble. There was no good wrestling on the show as well, and that is in large part to the Slammy format. I’m going to give the show a 2. The WWE is struggling right now.

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RRC By The Numbers
Last Week: 2.5
2014 High Score: 8.50 (Apr 7)
2014 Low Score: 1.25 (Oct 20)
Writer Averages
Krizbii: 5.03
Justin C: 4.74
2014 Average: 4.91

Average Score: 2