RRC 2014: Nov 10th

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November 10th 2014: On this week’s Raw Review Crew… Cena and the Authorty seek new recruits, while Harper and Rowan go after blondes.

Krizbii... Welcome to this week’s RRC, a surprisingly (almost) stereotype free edition of Raw from England. Justin is back this week, and I’m here too, for possibly the last time before Christmas.

Survivor Series provided one big running story this week, and the route WWE took to set the teams was an odd one. The opening segment featured the much-hated in the UK Cena and the equally unliked Authority. The one face in the segment was the recently back Ryback, so what did WWE decide to do? Turn Ryback heel, obviously.

If they made Ryback a tweener for the night that would have made sense, they could still have done almost everything the same throughout the night with the Authority members trying to get in his head, but by having him attack Cena and outright state that he was a member of Team Authority, it meant the main event was mostly heatless, where a tweener Ryback would have had the fans on his side, hoping he’d do exactly what he did at the end of the show.

Instead the whole thing felt kind of flat, the fans were slightly pro-Cena and didn’t get behind Ryback when he tried to get a feed me more chant going. Sure he still got a pop when he turned on the Authority, but it wasn’t as big as it could have been. The faces making the save individually rather than as a team was stupid too, although at least they explained Ziggler’s absence at the end with Harper’s application to join the Authority.

Rusev joining Team Authority makes sense, but just having him stood near Mercury and Noble lessens his threat and makes him look like just another heel stooge. Sheamus and Show joining Cena’s side is logical too, and presumably Ryback ends up back on Cena’s side after this week’s turn, turn again mess.

Everything else on the show was pretty inconsequential, the US Title match was a bit of a let-down with a bad ending, Henry/Ziggler didn’t really happen and the divas matches were OK, but unimportant. Adam Rose being a lemon doesn’t really interest me, Ambrose and Wyatt are just doing idiotic promos, and Rowan’s quest for a pretty blonde goes on. Swagger’s match with Rollins was pretty good, and the Miz was entertaining in denying the crowd the chance to see Sandow in action.

Overall a middling show that had some good moments, but did it the hard way by turning the fans agains Ryback early on.

Score: 5

Justin C...

Ryback: I’ve liked Ryback’s return so far. If they let Ryback be himself, I think the crowd will get behind him. It seems like the crowd is leaning that way so far. I would like to see a Ryback/Rusev feud after Survivor Series. Let Ryback be the guy that beats him instead of Cena.

Seth Rollins vs Jack Swagger: Acceptable TV match that had some good action. Surprised that Swagger was as over as he was. I don’t like how Swagger was on the team and is now off it. I hope they at least keep Swagger off TV until after Survivor Series to sell the injuries. Knowing this company, they might just throw him on Smackdown.

End of Sheamus/Rusev: This just may be minor nit-picking from me. But Rusev got back in the ring at 9, the ref stopped and checked on him for about 10 seconds, Noble and Mercury distracted Sheamus, then the ref counted to 10 causing a countout. It was just really stupid and looked bad as well.

Bray Wyatt/Dean Ambrose Build: The second biggest match at Survivor Series gets two recap packages and two backstage promos. Everything is being focused on Team Cena vs Team Authority, and this seems to be getting pushed to the backburner. These two could have had a good program but it seems like very little, if any, real effort is being put into it by those in charge.

Erik Rowan: We knew that Rowan was going to get the short end of the stick when it came to the Wyatt break-up, but this is just stupid. So Rowan is a female stalker now? This has the potential to end bad.

As much as I would prefer to see the WWE Champ around, at least this Survivor Series match is giving some guys a chance to shine that wouldn’t normally get the TV time. Dolph Ziggler is getting a prominent role, Ryback is getting a new push, Rusev is getting some more time, and now it looks like Luke Harper will get a push as well. That’s the positive. The show is still too long and definitely dragged at times. The wrestling was okay at best. The show gets a 4 from me.

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