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RRC 2014: Nov 3rd

The Raw Review Crew

November 3rd 2014: On this week’s Raw Review Crew… Chair rocking, hair touching, back stabbing and curb stomping.

Krizbii... Welcome to this week’s RRC. Justin attended Raw live this week, you may have seen him on TV. I’m still here though.

McMahon Promo: Face Vince is always fun for the few weeks it lasts, although randomly threatening the Authority’s power just after saying they were doing a good job was kind of a strange stip to add to the Survivor Series match.

Ambrose vs Cesaro: Good match, Wyatt’s appearing/disappearing doesn’t really add anything to the feud.

Jimmy Uso vs The Miz: Another decent match, with Mizdow continuing to be brilliant and Jey joining in the mimicking too. Jey getting booed for kicking Mizdow was definitely the highlight.

Sheamus vs Kidd: I get the idea of putting extra content on the Network, but I’m not sure why they’d put Sheamus in a fairly long, completely unrelated match earlier in the night.

Authority Promo: I thought Vince had saved us from a long, rambling HHH promo, although the idea of trying to get Ziggler to join his team was a good one.

Ziggler vs Rollins: Another good match, with Orton getting the chance to cost Rollins the IC title to further his face turn.

Titus vs Ryback: A standard Ryback match.

Show vs Henry: A bad promo followed by a bad match. The DQ and post match were fine, it’s just a shame they didn’t happen 5 minutes earlier.

Nikki vs Emma: A decent enough divas match, and I like Nikki’s use of Brie, she’s not making her do anything too bad, just little things that get her punched in the face.

Xavier Woods’s new gimmick looks like it has the potential to last about as long as his last one.

Ryder vs Rusev: Although Rusev won easily, it was weird that Ryder got any offense in at all, since they were showing how dominant Rusev is ahead of his match with Sheamus. The promos after were good enough to sell the after-show match.

Fernando vs Stardust: Nothing special in the ring and the commentators didn’t even try to be interested. I guess they needed new contenders for the tag belts, so the matadors get yet another mini push, while Miz and Mizdow also get mixed in with the Dusts.

Orton vs Rollins: A solid, but not great match with a weak finish, but it worked well, as losing was what Orton needed to completely snap. Unfortunately, what should have been a really hot end to the show, ended with a few minutes of nothing after the first curb stomp before finally ending after a second.

Final Thoughts
The destruction of Orton should probably have waited for the next show as the ending fell flat rather than having the fans in the arena and at home hyped up for the after-show match. Triple H did a very good job throughout the show of being loyal to Orton and conflicted at what was happening, while Steph was very much against Randy throughout. It adds a bit of depth to the Authority, which is good now they’ve added the stip that threatens their power.

No Cena made a pleasant change and the show didn’t really miss him too much. Ziggler got some attention and there was time for a few people who don’t normally appear on Raw to have matches, and most things at least tried to have some purpose at forwarding an angle or push. I’m not including Sheamus vs Rusev as that wasn’t part of Raw, and as WWE decided to pull the plug on the UK launch of the network, I couldn’t watch it anyway (that’s obviously not true, I could easily get the US version of the network, but officially I can’t).

Overall this was a pretty good show and more the standard they were putting on earlier in the year, nothing amazing or must see, but solid in-ring action with some balanced story progression.

Score: 6

RRC By The Numbers
Last Week: 3.75
2014 High Score: 8.50 (Apr 7)
2014 Low Score: 1.25 (Oct 20)
Writer Averages
Krizbii: 5.18
Justin C: 4.93
2014 Average: 5.07

Average Score: 6