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October 20th 2014: On this week’s Raw Review Crew… Lazy booking, awful writing and Big Show “acting”.

Krizbii... Welcome to this week’s RRC, I’ll be back in a couple of paragraphs, first, Justin gets to the point much quicker than me.

Justin C...

This is where I normally tell you what I like and didn’t like. But there’s no reason to do that this week. This RAW was bad. Ziggler/Cesaro was okay but too short to mean anything. The Rusev/Big Show stuff was terrible. Trying to use an obvious plant to get cheap heat on Rusev was stupid. And we don’t even know if Big Show found him or not. And wasn’t Rusev just defending himself from someone who jumped the barricade?

The Cena/Orton stuff was bad. I don’t care how you try to spin it, no one wants to see these two fight again. And I now have a bad feeling that they are going to main event with this stipulation. They even found a way to make a bad Dean Ambrose segment this week. When you have five wrestlers appearing on multiple segments, your show is too damn long. But unfortunately the WWE will never realize this. I bet we get a lot of the same stuff on Smackdown. Just a lot of bad stuff all around. It gets a 1 from me.

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Cena/Orton & Ambrose/Rollins Angles
This is all linked so I’ll group it together. The opening segment was OK, mostly because Triple H knows how to sell a Hell in a Cell match. There was a little bit of dissention between Orton and Rollins which was good too, and they added a number one contender stip to Cena/Orton, because the consolation prize match is clearly the one that deserves a title shot for the winner.

Orton was trying his hardest to make people care all night, even if he was overusing the generic heel tactic of insulting a local sports team. Cena was phoning it in as always reminding everyone how dull him and Orton are together, so as usual it was down to Paul Heyman to promote something properly. Unfortunately he just promoted that the winner didn’t matter as Lesnar would win anyway. Good start of the build for Survivor Series, not so good for Hell in a Cell, but Orton RKOing everyone in sight was a good way to end it.

I like Ambrose, but he was just painful to watch this week, joking around backstage and destroying a puppet in the ring while cutting a pretty shitty promo. Rollins did nothing to save the segment and these two looked fully deserving of the midcard slot they’ll be filling on the PPV. I’m not a Mick Foley fan as he rarely adds anything meaningful when he shows up, but they really needed him here. Like Triple H, he put over the cell as a match type and like Heyman, he sold the match better than the guys who are in it.

The main event wasn’t a terrible match, but it was completely heatless for most of it, the fans just didn’t care until the cell came down, at which point Cena just disappeared until the finish. Ambrose looked good and hung in there well while outnumbered, while the finish was well done with Orton hitting an RKO as a result of Ambrose avoiding an RKO. The post-match curb stomp? Nobody cared. When Orton turns on Rollins, the fans will pop massively. When they’ve spent the entire show having Orton heeling up against the fans, nobody is going to boo him getting curb stomped.

Neverending Six Man Tag
Wow, the Usos teaming with a midcard champion against the Dusts and a challenger, that’s never been done before, except every single show for what feels like the past three months. There’s nothing wrong with the quality of the matches, but it’s easy to just drift out of watching them because it’s just the same thing over and over. Actually this was was entirely different, it had the Miz’s double in it and he actually won. That should mean they can get at least another month of rehashed combinations out of this match.

Neverending AJ/Paige Feud
Anothing angle that’s become the same old shit every week is this one, they do at least mix up opponents and the format of singles or tags, but it’s just the same drawn out story with no new developments. In this week’s exciting instalment, Paige pretended to fight with Foxy, distracted AJ and Alicia got the win, but AJ is still champion and it’s not like Paige won some kind of major psychological victory with it, so why would she AJ even care? and more importantly why should we?

I Wish It Would End Rusev/Big Show Feud
Oh look, it’s even more of the same old shit from last week. Remember back in simpler times when Big E was one of the first people to try and stop Rusev? Now he’s just a forgettable jobber before we can get some fake sympathy for a fake soldier defending a stupid flag. Funny how pulling down flags was OK a few weeks ago. The worst thing about fake fan the soldier man was that it gave Big Show a chance to act. Big Show cannot act.

Dolph Ziggler: Jobber
There’s never anything wrong with good wrestling, and unlike some of the other repeating matches, I’d gladly watch Dolph/Cesaro matches as many times as I’ve seen Dolph/Kofi matches. The big problem with this is that Ziggler hasn’t won a match in weeks and the IC title is back to being a jobber belt that guarantees that the person who holds it will lose every single match they compete in until it’s a title match. I have no problem with Cesaro getting a shot at the belt, but they shouldn’t be making the match on the show before the PPV and there are plenty of other ways for Cesaro to earn a shot if they actually used more talent on the shows.

Wyatt Family Remnants
Setting Harper and Rowan free was fine, Bray even got one of the videos for himself, then this week, they just did a recap of all three. Twice. It didn’t add anything new or interesting, just felt dull and repetitive, so at least it fit in with the rest of the show I guess.

Final Thoughts
The highlights of this show: Paul Heyman, Mick Foley, Joey Mercury no-selling the puppet Rollins, Miz marking out at Mizdow winning. That’s pretty much it. Although the in-ring action wasn’t bad, everything else was just lazily booked rubbish. All the show seemed to be based on promoting Hell in a Cell but it didn’t do a good job, the lasting thing I remember is that Hulk Hogan was going to be on after Raw. Cole seemed far more excited about that, and it’s hard to blame him really.

Score: 1.5

Looking at my spreadsheet of every RRC ever, this show gets the lowest score since August 3rd 2009. Only four shows have ever scored lower, one of them was the Katie Vick episode back in 2002, but the show the week before where Triple H first revealed Kane was a murderer scored (slightly) higher than this week.

RRC By The Numbers
Last Week: 5.25
2014 High Score: 8.50 (Apr 7)
2014 Low Score: 1.25 (Oct 20)
Writer Averages
Krizbii: 5.17
Justin C: 4.98
2014 Average: 5.08

Average Score: 1.25