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RRC 2014: Oct 27th

The Raw Review Crew

October 27th 2014: On this week’s Raw Review Crew… Feeding time resumes, Cena actually helps another face and a bit of Boob Squad.

Krizbii... Welcome to this week’s RRC. Thanks to daylight saving time ending a week later in the US, I got to watch the first hour of the show live for a change, which made the remaining two hours far easier to watch the next day than sitting through the whole three-hour show in one go. It also meant I could include an extra feature from the forums down the bottom after Justin. First, Me.

Opening Segment
I thought the Authority and Rollins promos were kind of lacking, although it meant the fans were desperate for something to pop for, and Randy Orton delivered with a passionate promo and a great RKO.

Goldust/Stardust vs Big, Bald and Bearded
No six-man tag for the Dusts this week as they had to defend their titles against a team that did nothing to earn a shot, but did let America down. The heel turn was obviously coming, although Show was the one who behaved the most heelish with the blind tags. Henry’s very delayed reaction to the second time it happened was kind of dumb, why wait until they had the match won to attack Show? it just made the champs look like losers.

Reigns Promo
Roman Reigns should never speak, ever. I’m not sure anyone has ever called him the Juggernaut before.

AJ vs Alicia
The AJ/Paige angle needs to end, adding Alicia to it doesn’t help things.

Cena/Authority Promo
Is there anything more boring than a generic John Cena shouty promo with teases of a heel turn, at least Steph outright asked him to turn heel this time rather than the usual lame teases, but it’s just the same old shit that’s been done plenty of times before as Cena has nobody to feud with at the moment. So with no Lesnar, we get this lame attempt to create friction between Cena and the Authority to have an excuse for a Survivor Series match.

Miz vs Jimmy
Mizdow continues to be the best thing about Miz. I can’t believe the Usos have stolen the Bellas finishing move.

Hogan Promo
Hogan didn’t really do much, but using him is a safe way to avoid getting breast cancer survivors booed, although his love of Cena got himself booed.

Dallas vs Ryback
I prefer Ryback’s music without the “Feed Me More ” bit in the intro, but it really worked to get everyone back into chanting it and instantly behind him as a face.

Ambrose vs Cesaro
I guess Cesaro’s run as the only guy who loses to midcard champions is over and now he just gets beaten with mics instead. Ambrose’s promo was decent, but I guess after Wyatt’s bit he just left as he was never seen or mentioned again. Changing the sounds on Wyatt’s intro/outro stings is the worst thing WWE has ever done to him.

Nikki vs Naomi
It was totally heatless, but not a bad match, although the outside interference was minimal and far less cheating than when they used to use Twin Magic to win all the time, so I’m not sure why it’d bother Brie that much.

Ziggler vs Kane
Kane’s reason for fighting Dolph was lame, but everything involving Kane these days is lame. The match was about as good as a current Kane match can be, but more surprisingly, John Cena actually came to help the guy who was getting beaten up because of him. Or maybe he was just early for his match.

Cena vs Rollins
A good match that could have been on a PPV, but instead was just a Raw match after Cena spent all the past month trying to get to fight Seth. No ending was predictable, but the mass invasion of the ring was kind of random, maybe everyone else just wanted the chance to appear on Raw for a change.

Final Thoughts
This was a much better show than the past couple of weeks, not so much because of the content, which was still pretty average, but because there were a few more people featured on the show, which made it feel a whole lot fresher. The Cena/Authority thing is dumb, but without Lesnar around it is at least a logical match to have. Orton turning face should be fun, I’d rather he faced Lesnar than Cena yet again.

Score: 4.5

Justin C...

John Cena vs Seth Rollins: The match itself was rather good. You pretty much knew going in that you weren’t getting a clean finish. I may not have liked the fact that the match was booked in the first place, but both men did a good job in the ring before the schmozz finish.

Ryback Return: First off I’m surprised the crowd was that into him. But I’m glad. Ryback is a guy that could get over if he just let his real personality get through. If you haven’t seen his video from before his hernia surgery go look for it. He’s hilarious. This could be the start of a possible new push for Ryback that gives him a second chance here.

Randy Orton Face Turn?: Similar to Ryback, Randy Orton could get over as a face if he just plays his natural self. Orton is in need of new life because he is stale as all hell right now. A face turn might be a good start. I really wanted to see an Orton/Lesnar match just because it is different. I’m interested to see where they go with Orton from here.

John Cena/HHH/Stephanie McMahon Promo: Really? We have to go this route again? How many times over the years have various people tried to get John Cena to turn heel? And how many times has it worked? It’s just such a waste of time because we know it isn’t going to happen. This apparently is the storyline being used to cover up the fact that Brock Lesnar isn’t coming back soon.

Bray Wyatt Promo: As I said on Twitter last night, I would like to see a Dean Ambrose/Bray Wyatt feud. But it is off to a terrible start. First last night’s horrible ending to the Ambrose/Rollins match. Now we get a Bray Wyatt promo that doesn’t make too much sense. I had hopes for Bray Wyatt, but his character is really on thin ice with me. I’m hoping things pick up in the coming weeks.

Mark Henry Heel Turn: Maybe it’s because Henry’s last turn on Cena was so well done, but I just can’t get into another heel Henry run. Him and Big Show turn heel so much that I lost count. Plus, we’re getting a series of Mark Henry/Big Show matches. Those matches aren’t going to be entertaining.

There were some things to like from this RAW but it wasn’t enough to make it a good show. Everything outside of John Cena’s match tonight made no sense for him. He’s given a free match with Rollins after not getting one for a month and losing a match to get said match. Then we got the typical try to get Cena to turn heel promo we get every other month. There’s some potential out there but the WWE is just in a giant dry spell right now and haven’t been able to strike gold with anything recently. I’m giving the show a 3.

Back in the day, the RRC had a bit at the end featuring the thoughts of the forums as Raw was going on. Live thoughts on Raw tend to take place in the chat room now, so here’s a little insight into around half an hour of thoughts on Raw (and other things).

What Did The Chatroom Think?
Show/Henry vs Stardust/Goldust…
Tears of a Clown: the kill count stands at 2
amino_placids: aw yeah Halloween
Home Run Hitler: Communist Big Show would be hilarious
Sheriff Black Dynamite: I like The Black Russian, Mark Henry.
amino_placids: come on BFFs, BFFs are forever
Tears of a Clown: Ah, The ol, get a beer in a dark kitchen routine.
Sheriff Black Dynamite: Who doesn’t get a beer in a dark kitchen though? Or a dark porch, only to find it missing?
amino_placids: that dude took his death rather well
Tears of a Clown: Welp, I just got some wild 70s sex, I’m ok with death now, Ive done all I need to do
Kellen Scrivens: dissension
Cody A.: “Big Selfish” Paul Wight
Tiffany Diaz: Finally.
amino_placids: OUTTA NOWHERE
Home Run Hitler: i can’t believe it
Jackson: so…more exploding rings then….?
Kellen Scrivens: never saw it coming
Cody A.: That’s what he do. (heel turns)
Kellen Scrivens: like the turn on Cena again
amino_placids: this is like the shield x100000. what is real anymore? friendship is dead
Kellen Scrivens: worse than the Shield breakup
amino_placids: easily
Jackson: so.. Show is the heel right
Cody A.: This was worse than what he did to Cena, because he faked friendship.
Jackson: what Show do….? NOW HE DONT DO NUTTIN
amino_placids: Henry WSS’s big show for the next hour to fill time

During The Break…
amino_placids: fuck this show im turning it off
Tears of a Clown: Join me in Halloween land. We have murder and boobs
Sheriff Black Dynamite: Speaking of boobs, I downloaded Boob Squad 8.
Tears of a Clown: That series really went down after Boob Squad 4.
amino_placids: Boob Squad 3 wont be topped, which is of course Boob Squad 3: Boob Harder. not to be confused with Boob Squad 2: Electric Boobaloo
Tears of a Clown: Boob Squad 4, Boob another day, Was kinda weak
Cody A.: Boob Squad jumped the shark after 2.
amino_placids: 2 Boob Squad, 2 Furious
amino_placids: honestly my favorite was probably Boob Squad 10: The Search for Curly’s Gold
Home Run Hitler: Boob Squad 6: Back 2 Da Hood
amino_placids: Back 2 Da Boob
Justin C: Boob Squad 2: Da Search For Money
Cody A.: Boob Squad 8: The New Blood
Tiffany Diaz: Boob Squad 7: Three Men and a Little Lady. The little lady is a midget.
Jackson: love midget porn
English Memorial: Boob Squad 7: Adrian’s Revenge
Home Run Hitler: Boob Squad Takes Manhattan
Cody A.: Boob Squad Goes To Hell
Sheriff Black Dynamite: Something tells me you all are being facetious…
Sheriff Black Dynamite: Except Jackson.
English Memorial: Live Free or Boob Squad
Cody A.: B8ob Squad
Jackson: Not Another Boob Squad Movie
Justin C: Bub Squad
Tears of a Clown: Boob Squad 3, The Search for Milk, Was…. Interesting
James IV: Well, that was an interesting conversation to enter the chat to.

There were many many more Boob Squad sequel ideas, ending with…
Tiffany Diaz: Boob Squad 15: The Hunt for Pink October.

Reigns Interview…
Tiffany Diaz: Another interview? Is it gonna be 20 seconds?
Jackson: another Leakee promo?
Plethora: oh god please be better than last time
Cody A: “Roman, what did you think of the match last night.” “Ehhhh.” Thanks Roman”
Cody A: Roman is Juggernaut now?
mac: Since when is he known as the Juggernaut?
amino_placids: did they give Reigns the nickname juggernaut after he got hurt?
Tiffany Diaz: I would like to have the sexual relations with this man.
Home Run Hitler: this is going to be awful
amino_placids: over/under 2 minutes
Plethora: “No I stand alone” why? you are still besties with Ambrose
amino_placids: if you had the under….you won
Cody A: “I’m gonna hurt you Seth, but not before I’m medically cleared.”
Plethora: what was the point of that?
Tiffany Diaz: These Roman updates are no RNN.

AJ Coming Out to face Alicia…
Jackson: yay little tits
Cody A: Boobless Squad
Sheriff Black Dynamite: AJ has deceptive breasts. I’ve made myself quite aware with her wares.
amino_placids: can they debut Charlotte already? jesus

amino_placids: business is picking up on Halloween

And at that point I left the chat as I needed some sleep, hope you enjoyed that little insight into the Oratory chat.

RRC By The Numbers
Last Week: 1.25
2014 High Score: 8.50 (Apr 7)
2014 Low Score: 1.25 (Oct 20)
Writer Averages
Krizbii: 5.15
Justin C: 4.93
2014 Average: 5.05

Average Score: 3.75