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RRC 2015: Mar 23rd

The Raw Review Crew

March 23rd 2014: On this week’s Raw Review Crew… there is a Raw Review Crew as it’s nearly Wrestlemania time.


At the end of last year, the Raw Review Crew came to a close as I was too busy to do it properly and was feeling kind of jaded since Raw was becoming a chore to watch. Since then I’ve had even less time, meaning I’ve seen very little of the run up to Wrestlemania. But with one week to the biggest show of the year, it means I can go into this with a fresh pair of eyes as I dust off the RRC.

Old Men With Sticks
Sting is not a good promo, but his reasons for wanting to fight Triple H wouldn’t be very good even if his delivery was superb. Steph was as good as ever an the antagonist, leading to a Sting/HHH confrontation. One had a bat, the other had a sledgehammer, but there was somehow a lack of real tension.

Truth/Ambrose vs Harper/Stardust
A fairly standard tag match that did very little to promote the ladder match other than the participants existing.

Zack Ryder Won a Match!
Bill Simmons would be a good colour commentator, and if this wasn’t the last show before Wrestlemania, this could have been good, instead it was an unnecessary celeb appearance that did little to promote the Andre Battle Royal, although to be fair, Simmons made more effort than any of the regular three.

Orton vs J&J
Poor Big Show can’t even beat Kane for distant second in an app vote. Unsurprisingly Rollins didn’t get into the match and the stooges lost.

Paige vs Nikki
Since AJ knew that this was a setup to get her and Paige to fight, she fell into the trap perfectly, although Pai-J will miraculously make up and win on Sunday. As far as giving divas a chance goes, they got a decent amount of time, but the match wasn’t brilliant, just a bit slower than normal.

Mania Mania
Snoop and Hogan would be more good filler for an average episode of Raw, but this was a bit unnecessary for a pre-Mania show.

Smackdown Rematch
No interspecies erotica here, just a rehashed Smackdown match with bad Uso commentary to remind people about the pre-show tag match.

We Want Lana
Swagger jobbed to Rusev like he always does. After that in commentary world, Rusev set a trap because he knew Cena would help Swagger (because he always saves other faces), and the bit where Cena was beating on Rusev didn’t exist. Rusev’s total dominance of Cena makes it look even more certain that Cena is winning on Sunday, but it’d be nice if they did something different.

Spooky Thunder Time
Bray was talking utter nonsense, the thunder and lighting effects were lame as hell, but he certainly puts plenty of passion into what he’s doing. It’s a shame none of his angles ever have any consequences and people just want to see Taker show up, beat him and leave.

Ziggler vs Bryan
A very good match as you’d expect, although it’s a shame they didn’t get to have a good long singles match at Wrestlemania. With all the momentum Ziggler has, it’s safe to say he’s not winning the title. The big brawl at the end was surprisingly lacklustre.

Brock and Roman’s Play Fight
Heyman’s promo about not cutting a promo was one of the best promos you could get for the last-minute hard sell. The ending sequence however was terrible, Reigns grabbing the belt for himself was a total heel move that even the kids didn’t cheer and the lame both pulling on the title to close the show was some weak playground bullshit.

Final Thoughts
The LL Cool J bits kind of summed up the build to Wrestlemania, the promotion was there, but it was just a bit low key and flat. Every match got a little attention of this show, but nothing made Wrestlemania feel like a must-see event. The guys in the ladder match didn’t give away any cool spots to make people want to see more of the same. Rusev beat Cena dead. The divas match is a meaningless tag. Brock and Roman looked like squabbling children. Sting and Triple H had a stale stalemate. Taker might show up I guess.

So the build for Wrestlemania was frankly a bit shit, but the good news is, there’s only one week to the biggest show of the year – the Raw after Wrestlemania!

Traditionally the go-home Raw is either a hit or a miss, this was definitely the latter.

Score: 2