RRC 2019: Jun 17th

krizbiiIt’s been a long time, but for one week only, welcome back to the Raw Review Crew. Last time on the RRC, it was 2015 and a one-off edition before WrestleMania, featuring Stardust, Swagger, the Divas title and a whole bunch of other stuff nobody misses. I don’t always watch Raw any more, but when I do it seems much more of a chore than it was when I gave up the RRC at the end of 2014.

Everybody Beats Up Elias
Rollins has become too overexposed since WrestleMania, so his quick arrival, beat up Elias, promo, leave was a relief from the multiple long segments he often gets. Everyone else attacking Elias after coming out for their match was fine, the kind of thing you’d get at a house show to pop the crowd.

US Number One Contender Match
Eliminating the heels first appeared a weird move, but it was a fairly clever way to have Strowman look really good before being eliminated by Lashley and Cesaro after. I don’t like face Miz, just like the last time he was a face, he’s kind of lost his identity. Fortunately Ricochet won though, which should make for a decent PPV match with Joe.

Women’s Promo
The last RRC was back in the divas era, but although the wrestling might get more time now, the promos still aren’t really a strong point, Becky is more effective on Twitter than with a mic and mentioning Lacey’s past as a marine just makes her current character make no sense.

Backstage Antics
At least they keep dull acts like the Revival, Shane and McIntyre in one place, Corbin is almost a relief. Too much Rollins strikes again, a face that’s always on top is just boring like Cena and Reigns in the past.

24/7 Impotence Experience
Daniel Bryan is a heel god, but having some kind of target to focus his promo on would be far better than just generic planet-saving nonsense. Viking squash was meaningless. Losers chasing Truth is dull.

Kevin and Sami Show
Shit 3MB jobber beating up shit 3MB jobber is supposed to make anyone care why? Corbin is terrible at many things, but at least displays fractionally more personality than McIntyre, but the contrast is massive when he’s put in the ring with Owens and Zayn who are poorly used, but at least have charisma. New Day found a way to make EC3 interesting, but again, Rollins being a face bully who jumps people from behind is horrible, heatless shit.

AJ trying to motivate Gallows and Anderson is a good idea if it actually leads somewhere, they haven’t really done anything in the past year or more.

6-Man Tag
No idea why this needed the 2 out of 3 falls stipulation other than a place for a break and an excuse to have two heels pinned rather than just one. Corbin is fine in multi-man matches like this, although everyone abandoning him and making him look like a complete loser while also trying to get people to watch Stomping Grounds which has him in the main event is a bit ass-backwards.

Assorted Stuff
Tweener Alexa with Nikki is fun. Generic Heyman promo is generic. More boring Rollins with a chair is boring. Generic Usos promo is generic. The match with Gallows and Anderson was pretty unspectacular too.

Roman Beats Up Losers
Reigns still isn’t a great promo, but putting him in a segment with the eternally dull McIntyre makes him appear less bad. Revival being swiftly swatted away, McIntyre taken out in a couple of seconds and Shane being beaten up easily doesn’t really give that heel stable much credibility, nor does it do anything to promote Drew/Roman for Stomping Grounds. In commentary Cole said Roman had his sights set on McIntyre, when he literally just tossed him aside to get to Shane.

Women’s Tag Titles
A dull match with the Bayley involvement not really costing Cross the match like it probably should have. If this angle somehow ends up with heel Bayley it’ll be worth it, but I doubt that’ll happen.

Firefly Fun house is one of those things that’s good until you try to translate it from taped segment to being on TV.

Rollins vs Bryan
It’s hard to complain about a match between these two, but why put a rarely-seen match between two top guys as a throwaway main event on Raw with absolutely no reason behind it. It could have been classic WWE false promotion, with the match only going 90 seconds before a DQ and a complete mess of random run-ins. But rather than making some multi-man tag match, they then went through with Rollins/Bryan anyway. The match was decent as you’d expect, Rollins won as you’d expect, and they’ve now blown the fact that Rollins had never beaten Bryan that could have been played up in a future feud between them. Dumb. Corbin then beat up Rollins with a chair to end the show, which he probably deserved to be fair.

Final Thoughts
The entire angle of Corbin trying to find a referee was stupid, Corbin should have just said someone who wasn’t there was the ref, even if it was a lie. The most logical thing would be to say it was going to be Lesnar, make Seth go hunt him down.

Rollins attacking everyone was equally dumb, especially Young, who was supposedly a friend, so why attack him, any referee doesn’t have to be out to screw him. Austin used to be an antihero with the whole don’t trust anybody thing, but Rollins trying to do the same thing just feels fake, forced and flimsy.

The rest of the show wasn’t horrible, just large chunks of it were people just sleepwalking through the same thing they’ve been doing every single week for months. The first and last matches were the best in-ring segments, while there were a few entertaining bits to try and keep the crowd into it, which doesn’t always happen.

The promotion for Stomping Grounds was poor, Corbin stood tall at the end, but looked weak throughout, while the build to Reigns vs Shane would have been OK-ish if that was actually the match that’s happening, instead McIntyre is just some guy that beats up Heath Slater then tossed through a table like the afterthought that he is. Having Corbin and Shane as the top heels is never going to make for good programming, but Rollins being the top face is just as bad as he just comes off as an overexposed asshole (and nobody wants one of those).

Far from the worst Raw ever though, I’ll give it a 4.


Score: 4