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RRC: By The Numbers

The Raw Review Crew

Krizbii... At the end of 2010 I did a column looking back at the statistics over the history of the Raw Review Crew since 2002, so four years on, I figured I’d update the column to the present day. All incarnations of the RRC are included from the group Raw reviews on the old Oratory, through the drq, Seagull and TCow eras, my original run, RRCv2 and the most recent crew with myself and Justin C. I have a spreadsheet containing all of the grades given in every one of the 642 episodes we’ve covered. So what do the stats say about the past (almost) thirteen years?.

The early reviews were largely positive, with a high of 8.93 for the show after Wrestlemania on March 18th, thanks to a hot crowd in Montreal, Linda McMahon announcing the roster split, Lesnar’s debut and the Rock pulling off some great mic-work to get cheered whil in the ring with the newly-face Hogan.

Later in the year saw some of the lowest scores in Oratory history: September 30th got a 1.81 with Booker T getting buried in his home town and Kane winning the IC title after Bischoff announced that the belt would cease to exist the following week. October 14th was the show when Triple H drove a forklift backstage, so how did it only score 1.38? Triple H is to blame for that too, telling the sad story of Katie Vick and how Kane murdered her them pumped her full of semen. Unsurprisingly the following week scored even lower with Triple H’s long tirade against internet writers, Triple H’s video footage of Kane screwing Katie’s brains out, and more Triple H in the main event. That review was full of HHHate and gained just 1.19.

2002 By The Numbers
Writer Averages
Raine Daniels: 7.87
Mark Price: 7.83
Waranhayt: 7.5
John C: 7.48
Roland Geary: 7.35
Corey Morgan: 5.75
Frank Lee: 5.71
Adam Karabel: 5.68
drqshadow: 5.6
Jay Bower: 4.75
Justin T: 4.53
Dave Spinosa: 3.89

Overall Scores
Total Reviews: 157
Highest Score: 8.93
Lowest Score: 1.19
Average Score: 5.46

The second year of the Raw Review Crew failed to have many high points, the top-scoring show was a 7.57 on February 24th, largely due to the return of The Rock who had a fun promo with the Hurricane, lost to the Hurricane, then was eliminated last in a battle royal which saw Booker T earn a title shot at Wrestlemania.

The lowest average was a 2 on September 15th, when not a lot happened except Kane and Shane having a contract signing and Triple H put himself over in a boring main event promo.

2003 By The Numbers
Writer Averages
Corey Morgan: 5.85
Dave Spinosa: 5.8
Alex Imhoff: 5.75
Jay Bower: 5.37
Brett Berliner: 5.15
drqshadow: 5.09
Justin T: 4.89
Adam Karabel: 4.53
Cash Melville: 4
Xavier Von Erck: 4
Jon Tyler: 3.78
Samir: 3.36
FRQ: 2

Overall Scores
Total Reviews: 195
Highest Score: 7.57
Lowest Score: 2
Average Score: 4.86

2004’s high score was an 8.5 on May 3rd, not a show with any major angles, but two great wrestling matches, with Benjamin, Tajiri and Edge facing Evolution in the opener and Benoit vs Michaels as the main event.

The lowest score was 2.93 for the very first show of the year, which featured some not so good matches including the Dudleys against Flair and Batista and RVD vs Mark Henry.

2004 By The Numbers
Writer Averages
Corey Morgan: 6.40
Brett Berliner: 5.95
drqshadow: 5.71
Lauren C: 5.58
Adam Karabel: 4.8
Samir: 3.75
Matt Seagull: 3

Overall Scores
Total Reviews: 147
Highest Score: 8.5
Lowest Score: 2.93
Average Score: 5.68

2005 saw better scores throughout the year, with a new record high of 9.53 for the pre-Wrestlemania show on March 14th, when Orton gave an RKO to Jake the Snake, the Rockers reunited and Benoit faced Triple H (although the high score was probably down to Snitsky main eventing against Batista).

The year’s low was at Madison Square Garden on April 18th and had a main event that saw Jim Ross get beaten up by Triple H for 10 minutes before Batista came out causing JR to pick up the win (Snitsky in the main doesn’t sound so bad now).

2005 By The Numbers
Writer Averages
Justin T: 9.25
Tim Glancy: 7
Cash Melville: 7.45
Scott Newman: 6.79
Corey Morgan: 6.77
Leon Thomas: 6.54
Matt Seagull: 6
John C: 5.79
Mark Price: 5.6
Mike Maloney: 5.59
Brett Berliner: 5.46
drqshadow: 5.42
Mike Sawaryn: 5.13
Adam Karabel: 1

Overall Scores
Total Reviews: 154
Highest Score: 9.53
Lowest Score: 2.23
Average Score: 5.93

The highest average score of 2006 was 9 from the October 9th show, which saw Edge and Orton form an alliance, a lot of good wrestling and Ric Flair accompanied by Piper, Money Inc and Arn Anderson to face Mitch from the Spirit Squad.

The year’s low was a mere 1.67 on August 21st, when the crappy spinner belt was replaced by the even worse Rated-R spinner, Edge got thrown into the sea, Foley joined the kiss my ass club and got fired and the back of Vince’s limo got torn off thanks to DX hijinx.

2006 had the first ever individual zero from a writer as Tim Glancy clearly didn’t appreciate the June 19th episode’s Attitude-era-style nonsense from DX including midgets mooning the Spirit Squad. The year also saw the RRC’s first ever 10 from a writer on January 9th, Mike Sawaryn clearly likes his sex to be live and torrid.

2006 By The Numbers
Writer Averages
Mike Sawaryn: 10
T.Cow: 6.57
Matt Seagull: 6.55
Leon Thomas: 6.43
Cash Melville: 6.17
John C: 5
Kody Rumin: 5
Chris Gow: 4.78
Mike Maloney: 4.5
Tim Glancy: 4.38
Olly Woods: 1.5

Overall Scores
Total Reviews: 104
Highest Score: 9
Lowest Score: 1.67
Average Score: 5.74

The lowest average rating of 2007 was a 2.005 on May 21st, thanks to a 0.01 rating from T.Cow due to excessive amounts of Lashley, a dash of Khali and divas in a Timbaland video. That wasn’t the lowest individual score of the year though, as I gave a zero to the draft show where Vince went boom.

It wasn’t a year full of negativity though as there were three individual 10s, PWF gave one to the August 6th show where they recreated that segment without the boom, but with the revelation that Vince had a bastard child. T.Cow gave the other two 10s, one for December 10th’s 15-year anniversary and the other for the last Raw before WrestleMania 23 on March 26th, which also gained the highest average score of the year thanks to excellent build, a random Stone Cold appearance and Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere ahead of HBK’s match with Cena.

2007 By The Numbers
Writer Averages
LeeDaBee: 8.5
Flyboy: 8
Chris Libra: 7.5
Leon Thomas: 7.5
Dave Spinosa:7
Cash Melville: 7
MKP: 7
ProWrestlingFanatic: 6.5
T.Cow: 6.31
Matt Seagull: 5.5
Chris Gow: 5.31
Krizbii: 4.58
Andrew Holik: 4.5
Tim Glancy: 3.25

Overall Scores
Total Reviews: 121
Highest Score: 9.17
Lowest Score: 2.005
Average Score: 5.87

There were two 10s given by T.Cow in 2008, one was on June 30th when Punk cashed in Money in the Bank, the other was in the highest scoring show of the year on March 31st, which featured Ric Flair’s farewell.

T.Cow also gave the only zero of the year on June 9th when million dollar mania was running wild (even though it also featured Jericho smashing HBK’s head into the Jeritron 6000), but that wasn’t the lowest scoring show of 2008, that dubious honour went to the October 20th Raw, which featured a nonsensical gauntlet match as the main event and averaged just 0.75.

2008 By The Numbers
Writer Averages
Chris Libra: 8
MKP: 7.5
ProWrestlingFanatic: 6.5
LeeDaBee: 6
Glancy: 6
Flyboy: 6
T.Cow: 5.42
Krizbii: 5.4
Brand-O: 4

Overall Scores
Total Reviews: 95
Highest Score: 9.5
Lowest Score: 0.75
Average Score: 5.61

Matt Seagull gave one of only two zeroes in 2009 on March 30th thanks to the multiple logic holes in the Orton/HHH feud. The other zero was from Glancy on August 3rd in what he dubbed the ‘night of burials’, this was also the worst show of the year with an average of 1 thanks to Jeremy Piven, Dr Ken and the shitty build for Summerfest.

The best Raw of the year was 8.5 on October 26th where the newly un-Jamaican Kofi Kingston had a great match with Jericho and started an angle with Orton by smashing up his Nascar. That 8.5 was the highest individual score of the year too with nothing getting close to 10 territory.

2009 By The Numbers
Writer Averages
Rich Corry: 5
T.Cow: 4.8
Mauie: 4.8
Krizbii: 4.64
Marc Valeri: 3.91
Tim Glancy: 2.5
Brand-O: 1.5
Matt Seagull: 0

Overall Scores
Total Reviews: 86
Highest Score: 8.5
Lowest Score: 1
Average Score: 4.48

It took more than a year for Raw to hit the dizzy heights of 9 again for Old School Raw on November 15th, but the following week was even better, with me giving a perfect 10 for Miz’s WWE title win and Angry Miz Girl, which as it was a one-man review also made it the highest score of the year.

The May 10th episode was the lowest scoring with a 2, due to Meatloaf, Flavor Flav, filler galore and no decent action (it did feature William Regal rapping though). The lowest individual score was a 1 from Dave Spinosa for the December 6th edition, which featured too much Cole and Nexus getting bitched out.

2010 By The Numbers
Writer Averages
Tony H: 7
Mauie: 7
Krizbii: 6.14
Keith Freed: 5.5
Olly Woods: 5.375
Chris “Flyboy” Wingert: 5.33
Justin C: 4.33
Dave Spinosa: 3.83

Overall Scores
Total Reviews: 64
Highest Score: 10
Lowest Score: 2
Average Score: 6.09

Missing most of January and all of February screws up the numbers for 2011 a bit, but of the shows we reviewed, the June 27th show featuring CM Punk’s ‘shoot’ was the best with a score of 9.5, it also got the best individual score of the year with a 10 from Justin C.

After averaging more than 6 for most of the year, the supershows saw a downturn in the scoring, with both October 10th (which saw HHH fired and Johhny Ace get the GM job) and October 17th (with Jim Ross and Michael Cole in the main event) scoring just a 2 and a 3 to each average 2.5. The December 12th Slammy Awards also averaged 2.5 after scoring a 4 from Justin and 1 from me – the year’s lowest individual score.

2011 By The Numbers
Writer Averages
Chris Wingert: 8
Sean D: 6.83
Tony H: 6
Justin C: 5.6
Krizbii: 5.14

Overall Scores
Total Reviews: 79
Highest Score: 9.5
Lowest Score: 2.5
Average Score: 5.46

Two shows scored 8.5 in 2012, the first got a 10 from Justin the night after Wrestlemania on April 2, which also happened to be the 500th RRC. On that show, the Rock declared that he’d one day win the WWE Title again, Albert returned with pen scribbled on his face and Brock Lesnar re-debuted to attack John Cena. The other highest scoring show was on September 17th which had the refreshing change of JR and JBL on commentary after Lawler’s heart attack the week before.

The lowest individual score of the year was a 1 from Justin on November 5th, which when combined with my 2.5 made it the lowest rated show of the year too with just 1.75. It was a disjointed mess of a show with Vickie trying to get AJ to quit as GM and lots of last-minute changes to Survivor Series.

2012 By The Numbers
Writer Averages
Krizbii: 4.875
Justin C: 4.6

Overall Scores
Total Reviews: 84
Highest Score: 8.5
Lowest Score: 1.75
Average Score: 4.65

8.25 was 2013’s high score, with April 8th and June 17th sharing that total. The first of those shows followed Wrestlemania and featured an awesome crowd, Dolph Ziggler’s Money in the Bank cash-in and the Shield setting their signts on the Undertaker. The second featured Mark Henry’s fake retirement and attack on Cena then followed it up with Lesnar attacking Punk.

At the bottom end, the year was full of 2s with May 6th (Ryback/Kane as the main event), July 1st (Henry does a run in, then does nothing), July 29th (lots of Bryan bashing) and October 7th (Battleground rematches and filler) sharing the title of worst show of the year.

2013 By The Numbers
Writer Averages
Krizbii: 5.67
Justin C: 5.23

Overall Scores
Total Reviews: 77
Highest Score: 8.25
Lowest Score: 2
Average Score: 5.20

As with a few other years, 2014’s best came the day after Wrestlemania on April 7th, scoring 8.5 for a show that featured Rusev’s debut, Warrior’s last appearance, Paige’s debut and title win, Bryan’s title celebration and the Shield starting a war with Evolution.

2s and 3s were common throughout the year, but one show stood out as the worst of the year. On October 20th, Cena and Orton prepeared for their once in a lifetime match at Hell in a Cell, Ambrose beat up a dummy dressed as Rollins, Rusev beat up a fake soldier, and the Usos/Dusts and Paige/AJ rivalries retreaded exactly the same ground they’d been doing for weeks.

2014 By The Numbers
Writer Averages
Krizbii: 5.08
Justin C: 4.74

Overall Scores
Total Reviews: 86
Highest Score: 8.5
Lowest Score: 1.25
Average Score: 4.899

There’s only been one show in 2015 so far, and although it doesn’t get a proper review, it can have a score anyway. The whole thing was fairly terrible, the announcing not picking up on the Team Cena members being punished until late in the show was especially weird and this show had almost no redeeming qualities, until right at the end with the tickertape celebration and Steph’s dance. The whole ending summed up my feelings on John Cena’s great hero act, as he usually screws over other faces in the process, so it was nice to see him humiliated in front of everyone for once. 2015 can kick off the year with a 2.

all-time scores 2002-2014
Writer Averages

Yearly Ratings
2010: 6.093
2005: 5.930
2007: 5.869
2006: 5.738
2004: 5.677
2008: 5.608
2002: 5.464
2011: 5.461
2013: 5.203
2014: 4.899
2003: 4.859
2012: 4.651
2009: 4.482

2010 was the highest rated year for the RRC, I’m not sure I agree with that even though I was the one who rated it that highly. Other years have had more great moments, 2010 was maybe more consistently average. 2009 was the worst according to the numbers, it certainly had plenty of crap with some of the guest hosts and dodgy booking.

It probably isn’t a coincidence that the three-hour Raw era is stuck in the bottom half of the yearly averages, while there have been many good segments or angles in the past few years, it’s hard for shows to score highly when they’re packed with filler or bullshit. 2014 was a good example of this, with the shows around Wrestlemania scoring fairly well, but the rest of the year struggling with a run of mediocre or poor shows that became a chore to sit through rather than must-see weekly entertainment.

Overall Scores
Number of Shows reviewed: 642
Total Reviews: 1449
Total Writers: 45
Highest Score: 10
Lowest Score: 0.75
Overall Average Score: 5.42