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Solstice Scriptures: Perceived/Literal Truth Wrestlemania 29 Preview



After years of not writing a Perceived Truth/Literal Truth Pay Per View Preview, I’ve decided to crank one out for old time sake. To those of you that remember, the intent of the preview is to allow both make believe and often hopeful booking aspirations as a wrestling fan come together with sequential beliefs of a specific chain of events as a wrestling fan that has some context into one column. What you will see below is a method of breaking down the terms of both Perceive and Literal with the aid of a thesaurus to.


This is also the first time I write these as a father so my lense as to how I see these matches may also shrouded with trying to explain why Mark Henry is “the bully guy” as one of my boys refer to him and why Dolph Ziggiler always has to walk around with a damaged briefcase when he “could just buy a new one”.  Kids in some ways really do have it all figured out! So without further ado..


Perceived Truthis what I covet, crave, die over, have ambition, hunger, incline toward, itch for, leech for, long, lust, need, pine, prefer, require, spoil for, thirst, wish, and yearn for during a particular match.
Perceived Winneris who I covet, crave, die over, have ambition for, hunger, incline toward, itch for, leech for, long, lust, need, pine, prefer, require, spoil for, thirst, wish and yearn for winning in any particular match.
Literal Truthis what I anticipate, assume, await, bargain for, bargain on, believe, calculate, contemplate, count on, divine, envisage, feel, figure, forecast, foresee, gather, hope, hope for, imagine, look for, predict, presume, presuppose, reckon, see coming, sense, suppose, surmise, suspect, take, think, trust, understand, wait for, watch for. This section is based on the facts that lead into a different opinion.
Literal Winneris who I believe will win, anticipate to win, assume will win, await to win, bargain for winning, bargain on winning, believe will win, count on winning, envisage winning, foresee winning, look for to win, predict will win, presume will win, sense will win, suppose will win, suspect, take, think, trust will win, understand will win, wait for, watch for winning.</i>


Intercontinental Championship

Wade Barrett vs. The Miz


Perceived Truth: What I would have liked to have happen is this match had a better build. While at times, there has been some reference to both guys being in films recently it’s had little in the means of appeal. This is unfortunate because I actually like watching both guys compete but not under these circumstances. What I would have liked to see happen is if they were going to use both guys film projects be a part of the back story was to have both guys crash the film sets of the other guys film. This if they are intending on sabotaging the other one’s success it’s justified rather than each one saying that they are both the bigger star when in fact neither are. Both Barrett and The Miz have their own issues with the films they were a part of. Barrett having the tiniest of roles and The Miz’s film going straight to video. Barrett losing the title is more than likely but having The Miz win it now seems like less of a victory because the champion loses more non-title matches. That said, I’d like Barrett to retain because it could be the start of validating his position as the champion.

Perceived Winner: Wade Barrett


Literal Truth: The Miz has a lot going for him so even though he isn’t the heavyweight champion or even in the main event he is certainly not far from there.  However as a face, I can only see him pulling off a win if another face loses a title. The only reason I say this is by looking at the current heel to face champion status that Miz may win the title if say Swagger or possibly Ziggler/Langston capture the titles. While the logic is different, I’m trying to validate the win based on strictly who else is currently holding a title. That said, I could also see The Miz capturing the title because there seems to be this emulating of Ric Flair and use of his finisher to help give The Miz a deeper repertoire of moves to pull from. That isn’t necessarily the case with Barrett.  When we add to the fact that the company hasn’t done a very good job of developing the ‘Barrett Barrage’ then having The Miz walk away with the win and title is a definite possibility.

Literal Winner: The Miz


Randy Orton, Sheamus & Big Show vs. The Shield


Perceived Truth: This 6 man tag match is something that my wife and I are on different sides of the coin about. She wants The Shield to lose and I can’t say I blame her. The run ins and the attacks have become so frustrating for some to watch that to not have them completely handed a bowl full of shut the hell up flakes would be disappointing. I tend to think having The Shield lose would really hurt the momentum the group has gathered. I can’t quite see a group like mentality like that is so cohesive in the longest time. They remind me of a boxer that jabs and runs. They get in their shots and when they know there isn’t an avenue for them to get the better of their opponent then they don’t take the chance. What I’d like to see happen is have The Shield continue to show that it is very possible for one cohesive unit can defeat 3 individual parts that are motivated. While I am not sure about a heel turn by Randy Orton, I do think The Shield will add someone else to their team to ensure a win. It could possibly be an NXT grad or someone else entirely.

Perceived Winner: The Shield


Literal Truth: Much like my perceived truth, I believe The Shield will walk away from this match on top. I think we will see a match of cohesive tags between both teams with something being a little off about one side. I think the one person that no one suggests being team Orton/Sheamus/Show is Sheamus. While rumors circle about Orton and it’s been all about Big Show having to prove himself little if nothing is said about Sheamus. Sheamus has been so deeply affected by The Shield and how he’s lost countlessly to them. This could be a case of if you can’t beat them, join them. Sheamus isn’t held in any title hunt and has no major direction for his character to go…much like Orton that turn heel for Sheamus could be exactly what he needs. He hasn’t been in a position where he’s been a leader of a group and may resent the fact that Orton has taken control in this group too. The Shield win but a swerve courtesy of Sheamus call it a hunch.

Literal Winner: The Shield


Ryback vs. Mark Henry


Perceived Truth: I’ve liked the build between these two. It’s been little in the means of talk and more in the means of action. BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT THEY CAN DO!! That statement has been a part of our household for about two months now and seems to be used in everything from the kids doing their homework to feeding the cats. Who knew that Mark Henry could coin a term that could be used for pretty much every occasion? What I would like to have had happen between these two was to have several feats of strength that would lead to this match rather than the bench press ‘record’ that was set.  It could go in the direction of Olympic feats of strength. For instance, discus throw, hammer throw could be along the lines of what Mark Henry would have an advantage in whereas strong man competitions like a tire flip, log tossing or truck pulling be in the area of strength of Ryback. What I would like to see happen is have Ryback regain the steam that was booked for him early in the fall.

Perceived Winner: Ryback


Literal Truth: Years ago the late Gorilla Monsoon would call this match the unstoppable force meets the immovable object. Now years later it seems like that could easily be the billing for these two ‘gorilla’s’. I can see Henry lose this match and it not hurt his position. He’s still going to be intimidating after this match and can still lay claim to being the ‘world’s <s>eighth<./s> strongest man’. After his countless beat downs at the hands of The Shield and losing in several pay per views because of The Shield, Ryback needs to walk away as the winner in this match. There is some doubt and a win hear clears up that doubt. When he took Henry off his feet with relative ease, was a teaser to fans of what he is capable of. A match win here cements his legitimacy and in fact could move him back into a main event contention that the company will look to add too.  I can’t help but see a Ryback win coming from this match up.

Literal Winner: Ryback


WWE Tag Team Championsship

Team Hell No vs. Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston


Perceived Truth: These four have a history and they all generally surround the relationship with AJ. What I would like to see is something along the lines is Team Hell No have someone come out to equalize having her at ringside.  The difference this time around would be is if Kaitlyn would be used to act as the equalizer in this match up. At this point there has been no match announced between Kaitlyn and AJ so if that’s the case, I’d like to see the champ come out to even the odds preventing the distraction of AJ outside the ring. What I’d like to see is the battle between Big E and Kane and how these two would contend with one another. To date I don’t think (unless we count NXT) that Big E Langston has competed against on either Raw or Smackdown. His finisher seems like it would do more damage to his own arm than say his opponent so I’d like to see what else he can offer other than looking like he has a child’s head on a grown man’s body. I’d like to see the Showoff and Langstan make this match mean something and have them walk away as the champs.

Perceived Winner: Dolph Ziggler and Big E. Langston


Literal Truth:  Kane and Daniel Bryan have held the titles for a long time and despite their apparent dysfunction have done a great job as an unlikely duo that come together at the right time. That said, I can’t see them holding onto the title past Wrestlemania. Too often Ziggler and Langston have gotten the upper hand that the booking of this feud continues to lead me to think that Kane and Bryan won’t be holding onto the titles. When you couple the recent wins of Ziggler over Bryan, and Langston wiping out Kane than the early indication would be that it could just be leading to retribution on the part of Kane and Bryan with Kaitlyn there to even the odds.  However, collectively team Ziggler/Langston is more united than they would be at odds with one another and a title reign would be exactly would help propel Ziggler and Langston as being more than a mouthpiece and hired muscle in being something more than just the guy carrying around a briefcase with little chance of cashing it in. On this night, Dolph and Big E. will definitely be here to show the world!

Literal Winner: Dolph Ziggler and Big E. Langston


Chris Jericho vs. Fandango


Perceived Truth: When an established star and multi-time champion graces your ring, you want to see him succeed. While it feels like Jericho at times is here to make others look good and go down in the meantime, I don’t want this to be one of those occasions. While the “You can’t wrestle” chants are amusing to hear, Fandango clearly hints of something. The swan like movements and attempts at being a Dancing with the Stars cast off would have been an angle I would have like to see these two take. Jericho once was on Dancing with the Stars and it would have worked if the ABC program gave them permission. Rather than focus on both of their commonalities the feud is based on the mispronunciation of Fandago’s name. Since they want to base silly ideas to formulate storylines why not have Goldust randomly run into a segment as he caresses himself and says “You will never get the name of..” and just as that was to happen Fandango pops him in the mouth and finishes with his name. Dumb idea? Yup but it seems to fit with the rationale for this feud.

Perceived Winner: Chris Jericho


Literal Truth: In a recent interview, CM Punk whether joking or not suggested that this was the match he’s most looking forward to seeing. Fandango’s character won’t last but will remain is his ability in the ring. I don’t think we are looking at all this hype just to get Nathan Jones. He clearly has the agility of a Kofi Kingston but other than a number of punches to the head of Jericho the book is out on him leading to this match. So after doing a quick wiki search on Johnny “Fandango” Curtis, you’ll see the guy has been wrestling professionally for almost 15 years. He’s moved his way through the ranks to get to this point. The Fandango vignettes have been airing since November and there must have been something holding the company from debuting him. After looking at his repertoire of moves it says he does a variety of different things. Does that make him necessarily appealing or competitive? No. This is where Chris Jericho comes in to help solidify what Mr. “You can’t wrestle” is actually capable of doing. I see Fandango winning looking good in the process.

Literal Winner: Fandango


Tons of Funk & The Funkadactyls vs. Team Rhodes Scholars & The Bella Twins


Perceived Truth: Somebody called Tensai and Brodus Clay’s momma and apparently taught them you can come together if you act goofy and dance around. Tensai went from being a Lord to being a Gangham Style dancing partner. The only athleticism comes from The Funkadactyls. It will be interesting to see what those could do as a team. When you look at team Team Rhodes Scholars there is a huge difference in size, finesse, skill, mic work…you get the idea.  They make up for the Bella Twins which seem to be there only to make this an 8 person tag. I’d like to see Team Rhodes Scholars and the Bella’s walk away with the win. I’d actually like to see the finish where Cody cheats and holds down one of the Funkadactyls legs and the referee wouldn’t see it. It would be so unfair, so conniving that it would completely make sense for the team that uses extreme intelligence to walk away as champions.

Perceived Winner: Team Rhodes Scholars and The Bella Twins


Literal Truth: The fun part about writing this column is one part of it is complete fantasy booking and illogical where we can suspend belief and the other part is where I realize I must have been drunk to want certain things to happen. This is one of those times. There is no way that I can see Team Rhodes Scholars walking away with the win in this match. A win for them really would make them more credible as a team but it won’t hurt them if they lose. It seems like the booking department that has more vested in team Tons of Funk and this match would simply be another opportunity to establish them as contenders for the titles. I’m not sure if Albert…err…Tensai won the tag team titles with Test as part of TNA but not sure. I anticipate a back and forth match with The Funkadactyls doing something to show their dominance over the Bella’s. I would go as far as seeing Cody Rhodes being taken out by Naomi.

Literal Winner: Tons of Funk and The Funkadactyls


World Heavyweight Championship

Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger


Perceived Truth: Zeb Colter just smells of hate. In fact if hate actually had a fragrance it would be probably called Colterage. His constant bashing of anything that doesn’t represent one culture or embrace it shows that the character is really intended to get under the skin of anything that doesn’t accept or realize that the 21st century mindset is much more politically correct. This is exactly why the mentality isn’t far removed from real life. What I like is what most people want in that Colter get knocked on his politically biased ass! It would be even more fitting if it were to happen courtesy of Ricardo Rodriguez. The “We the People” shtick that Swagger has going for him works. He looks more rugged and carries old school beliefs despite being a young former champion with that All-American squeaky clean look.. I’d still like to have Swagger walk away with the title. It means that now having a hungry DelRio as challenger could represent what’s ‘right for America’. The never give up attitude may be what continues to drive DelRio in this feud.

Perceived Winner: Jack Swagger


Literal Truth: What I think will happen is that this is a case where the booking leads me to believe too much as happened to the DelRio/Rodriguez camp for them not to walk away with the win. I can’t see DelRio have been beaten and battered with Rodrigues enduring as much as he has without there being some form of retribution taken. The old school mind set will more than likely go down to the multicultural attitude. What I think will happen is that DelRio will look in jeopardy of losing his title and in fact Rodriguez will endure another beat down or in fact be locked in his dressing room so he doesn’t put himself in harm’s way. I can see Colter being actively involved in this match several times to the point where DelRio completely decks Colter taking him out of the equation. I think this match will be brutal and see the motivation of the champion to retain and the challenger to succeed could make this a dark horse match of the night.

Literal Winner: Alberto DelRio


Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

(No Holds Barred Match; If Lesnar wins, Triple H must retire)


Perceived Truth: Ever have someone stick up for you? Or have you stuck up for someone? Maybe your entire family?  It’s probably happened to you or someone you’ve known once in your life and this match appears to be just that. Triple H is out for revenge and not just for what’s happened to him. He’s out to avenge what happened to his father in law and his best friend. Paul Heyman has come up with some solid one liner that just seems to get the goat of the cerebral assassin. What I’d like to see is Triple H lose and not just because it goes against all sense of logic but for the exact reasons that Heyman suggests. What would that say if Triple H with everything on the line and having to face someone younger, bigger and stronger than him absolutely go unhinged? I saw have him handcuffed at one point and Stephanie and Vince try to stop this assassination from happening. In fact, have Shawn Michaels beaten and bloodied while Triple H is handcuffed to the ring post.  Lesnar could inevitably lose the match and still win the war.

Perceived Winner: Brock Lesnar


Literal Truth: If Triple H has lost twice in a row at a Wrestlemania there is no chance that is happening again. I think that Brock will sell everything that is thrown at him and in fact because it’s no disqualification there is no chance of an accidental loss because it is no holds barred. Brock has a part time contract with the company and even though he may be on upcoming pay per view events he isn’t there to help move a storyline along but rather have short intense feuds that come together for a pay per view but aren’t intended to serve a purpose long term. We will probably see more blood in this match than an animal sacrifice and more weapons used than we thought existed. With neither one of these guys competing for months and nothing more appear to be coming out from this match after WM leads me to believe that Triple H will save the day. This isn’t like days gone by where his reputation of holding others down or being the drawing card is pulling rank here it’s simply a husband, friend and son in law fighting for honor. It’s noble.

Literal Winner: Triple H


The Undertaker vs. CM Punk


Perceived Truth: Despite the difference in size, strength and history of achievements this match should be very solid. Much like the two matches Shawn Michaels had with the Undertaker and year before lasts match with Triple H, this one shouldn’t disappoint. I didn’t really enjoy last year’s Triple H/Undertaker match. Punk may be on the verge of winning a number of times and will often be so close to ending the streak that both the referee and Undertaker could be passed out when Punk appears to win. I could see the WWE using footage of Paul Bearer to ‘haunt’ Punk because it’s along the lines of what Punk has done to the Undertaker. I can see previous Undertaker losses possibly coming down the ring or blocking the rampway so Punk doesn’t win. These could represent the ‘lost souls’ of the Undaertaker’s past facing Punk and showing him that respect is earned…not taken….not stolen…not cheated. It would make for a good underlining story to the match that isn’t done during an Undertaker matches. Undertaker wins clean and Punk is on the shelf for a few months due to injuries. He writes himself out of a feud but even in defeat still has in a Wrestlemania match with the deadman, so CM Punk wins even if he loses the match.

Perceived Winner: Undertaker


Literal Truth: When this feud first began it was tied to the death of William Moody aka Paul Bearer. My wife often asks me how do I think they would have booked this had Bearer not died. Before Punk was even in line with facing Undertaker for the title he did refer to himself as ‘God’. While the reference leads many to believe he would do what Shawn Michaels did and try to team up with God (it was pretty funny when you think about it) ..I’m not sure with Punk. He does refer to himself as ‘the higher power’ which isn’t what other opponents tend to do. I tend to believe they would still have him utilize something to cut deeply to the Undertaker. Punk has used an opponent’s family before to be a means to getting into their head. He could have gone off script started calling him “Mark” and telling him ‘he’s not as McCool as he thinks he is…Michelle calls me all the time telling me how Cool I am’. It is a stretch to refer to the Undertaker’s real wife in this instance but it falls in line with getting into Takers head. It’s a stretch, but Punk has used Rey Mysterio’s family in a way where he is capable of crossing the line. If it wasn’t kayfabe it would have been real because the booking of having Punk get into the head of the Undertaker may put him at a disadvantage. I still can’t see Punk ending the streak though.

Literal Winner: Undertaker


WWE Championship

The Rock vs. John Cena


Perceived Truth: The build-up to the match between the two has had a couple of different looks. For instance when these two first rekindled their rivalry it appeared to be one metaphorical pat on the back after another. The problem is that a number of people have a really hard time taking this match too seriously now because of how John Cena is being portrayed. To see Cena as the underdog that has achieved nothing before this match just doesn’t work. In fact it doesn’t make fans root for him more but root for him less. Give your paying audience some credit.  They know Cena is a multiple time champion that has done it all. What I think will happen is this time around I’ll pretend that nothing before this match ever meant anything and Cena will win clean. It will have its twists and turns but ultimately Cena will prove the doubters wrong. And by doubters were talking about anyone that thought he wasn’t going to win this match…which is most people!

Perceived Winner: John Cena


Literal Truth: The wonderful part about fantasy booking is that we can suspend belief. I want to see Cena win. It isn’t because it would be nice to have The Rock giving him the rub but because it would give credibility to Cena. That said, I’d like to see no one behind Cena. If 80,000 people can find away to boo him then go for it! If they are going to make him look weak and vulnerable, then raise the stakes and put something of meaning out there something the fans know you he would sacrifice. Even have fans that once supported him take off the t-shirts they are wearing and embarrassed to have once called him their favorite. When he walks to the ring have everything go wrong. Have him trip on his way to the ring, have his music miscue and they play the entrance theme to Smackdown or something. If he’s going to be vulnerable have everyone including the guys that control the pyro and miscue his music because they want to see him fail. Just before the match if he says he’ll walk away because the Rock won this time that could mean a heel turn. It would be very difficult to pull off because it would have to be akin to a longtime fan favorite just turning the switch and saying ‘screw all of you’. I can only remember that working for Hogan and not sure if its in Cena to do it. He’s acknowledged the boos and told those fans that its okay to boo for him now to say. “know when I said, it didn’t bother me when you booed’ yeah…it really hurts my feelings! It’s often rumored about a character change but never believed because fans genuinely dislike him. Regardless, let’s see what happens when Cena wins in a way where he puts on a great match like he did with CM Punk on Raw a few weeks back.

Literal Winner: John Cena


It will be interesting to see who walks away from what is being dubbed the showcase of the immortals. The impressive stage and pageantry that has been created at the Metlife Stadium shows that they are sparing no expense to make this event all its being hyped to be.

Marcus Madison

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