The John Report: WWE Night of Champions Preview


Welcome to the WWE Night of (Most) Champions preview. I threw the “most” in there because in the past every Night of Champions event had every title on the line. Not this year. It’s the one show of the year where you advertise the idea that every title is on the line because it’s in the NAME OF THE SHOW (capitalized for effect), yet the show gets here and one title is missing while another was just added to the lineup on Smackdown.

The Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel isn’t defending the once coveted IC Title because he’s in a handicap elimination match with his manager Paul Heyman against CM Punk. If they knew Axel wasn’t going to be defending the title (he was left off SummerSlam completely too) why not put it on somebody else that could actually have a match where it was defended? I know WWE thinks Axel is a bigger star because he’s holding IC gold, but the reality is he’s just a guy holding a meaningless title that he rarely defends.

Regarding the US Champion Dean Ambrose, if you missed Smackdown then you missed the announcement that Ambrose will defend the US Title against Dolph Ziggler. What I don’t get is why they were unable to officially announce it earlier.

I understand the top two matches are the reason why somebody would buy this event. Trust me, I get that. But if you’re going to name a PPV Night of Champions with the idea that “every title is on the line” then put every title on the line. It’s not that hard, WWE. It screams like lazy booking to me.

I’ll be at the event in Detroit on Sunday. It’s about two hours away from me, so I am sacrificing some NFL viewing to make the trip and check it out. Could the card be stronger? Sure. It’s not that bad, though. I enjoy PPVs. In terms of predictions, I went perfect at SummerSlam. I’m hoping to do so again here although I think it’s a less predictable lineup this time around.

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Tag Team Turmoil No. 1 Contender’s Match: The Prime Time Players vs. The Usos vs. Tons of Funk vs. The Real Americans vs. 3MB (Kickoff Match)

Congrats to 3MB! Even though you’ve lost nearly every match you’ve been in for the past year you are just one victory away from a tag title shot. Does that make sense? Not really. I guess it’s similar to the Royal Rumble concept in that you can win one match to get a title shot that way too. Still, it’s just odd to see 3MB in a match like this.

I think it’s really between The Usos and the Prime Time Players. The Usos could likely have the better match with Rollins & Reigns if that’s all WWE cares about with this, but if they want new opponents then it will be the PTPers, who have turned babyface in the last month. I think it will be the Prime Time Players that come out the victors although if it’s The Usos then I have no problem with that either.

Winners: The Prime Time Players

Tag Team Championship: Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns vs. Winners of Tag Team Turmoil

I love The Shield as a team and don’t want to see them lose the tag titles in a match that has very little build to it. They are more important as performers if they are holding gold, so keep it on them. If they drop the tag titles in the near future that’s fine, but let’s see them have an actual feud with the PTPers. Perhaps they might not even have a feud since Los Matadores are coming in likely as a babyface team. The champs retain.

Winners: Rollins & Reigns