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Luck of The Irish

It was reported this week by WWE.com that superstar Sheamus would be out of action for four to six months to recover from surgery to repair a torn labrum in his left shoulder.  While it’s never a positive for someone to injure themselves, this couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for the Celtic Warrior.  After essentially treading water for months now, and after an abysmal run last year as the World Heavyweight Champion for a completely forgettable seven months, it’s time for WWE to hit the reset button for one of their top talents and give him some time to recharge his batteries and return to the squared circle as a fresh challenger to the main event.  The question becomes, should he return as a heel or as a face?

Let’s look at the facts, Sheamus, while a moderately interesting character, really had vested interest in his matches or any significant storylines other than the match that caused his injury at Money In The Bank last month.  While it’s understandable that not all the talent can be at the top of the card at any given time, Sheamus is at the point in his career where it would be very easy for him to be slotted at the very top if and when needed.  While he has had minimal success as a face, some of his best work has come as a heel.

It’s true, that in the eyes of the ordinary fan, some of Sheamus’ tactics could be described as bullying, most notably when he “borrowed” Alberto Del Rio’s car and trashed it.  His character is much more fitting as a Finlay type.  He should be the brawler that takes no prisoners and doesn’t have a lighter side to him.  He needs to come back as the new Mark Henry that destroys people on a weekly basis and imposes his will upon them.  While his look is unique and helps him stand out, his in-ring work should be recognized as being far superior than what he’s given credit for.

For a man Sheamus’ size, he is rather agile and has a rather large moveset at his disposal.  When Sheamus returns, he should use the Cloverleaf as his submission to further establish him as someone that enjoys brawling and inflicting pain upon his opponents.  If he were to come back as a heel there are several opponents that would be best suited for him.

Daniel Bryan:

Aside from their eighteen second encounter at Wrestlemania 28, there series of matches when given time have been quite incredible to say the least.  That’s a pretty easy statement to make when he is in the ring with perhaps the greatest technical wrestler on the planet, but it speaks volumes for the various types of matches Sheamus is capable of having, both with a smaller performer, and also oversized wrestlers like Mark Henry or Big Show.  Their 2 out of 3 falls match last year was fantastic and it would be great to see more interaction between the two of them.  It would be even better if the WWE Title was involved.

Heel or Face?:

While we have seen this story before with Daniel Bryan as the fiendish heel and Sheamus being the guy to give the bully his comeuppance, it would be a far more interesting story if the roles were reversed.  Daniel Bryan fits the role of the ultimate underdog very well, and a returning Sheamus jealous of all the attention Daniel Bryan has been getting despite never getting a true victory against the Celtic Warrior.  This would be a great opportunity to have WWE showcase the raw, physical talent that Sheamus possesses, but also giving him the direction his character desperately needs.  A feud with Daniel Bryan where Sheamus is the heel would go a long way to re-establish his character as the badass he is capable of being.

Brock Lesnar:

Now that Lesnar has moved on from the likes of HHH and onto CM Punk, what would be the next move for The Beast?  A match against the Celtic Warrior would prove to be an epic encounter.  Both men possess great agility and this match could prove to be the brawl most fans were looking forward to between HHH and Lesnar at Wrestlemania 29.  A program pitting these two men together would show the hardcore, tough side of Sheamus that should be demonstrated more often than it actually is.

It would be great to see these two men in the squared circle at Wreslemania.  Some fans would prefer Lesnar be used exclusively in dream match scenarios.  While this match would not qualify as a dream match to some, given the parties involved, it’s pretty easy to see why this match would and should be a no-brainer for WWE to put together.  In one corner is what many people would consider the toughest man in WWE (Brock Lesnar) and the Celtic Warrior who loves to inflict pain and simply fight.  This one could be a brawl for the ages, and if it were made No DQ or had a gimmick such as steel cage or Hell in A Cell then the stakes would be higher.  This would be a match that would provide a greater vested interest than the likes of Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker.  That match results in zero interest because it’s a waste of talent especially after Wrestlemania.  What a sight it would be to see Lesnar tap out in front of a huge crowd at the showcase of the immortals, cementing Sheamus as one of the best in the business.  It’s hard to believe that there are those that don’t believe Sheamus is a great worker, when that’s certainly not true.

Face or Heel?

It’s pretty safe to say that it would be virtually impossible for Sheamus to be a much more credible heel than Brock Lesnar.  The Great White would almost certainly have to be the face in this potential feud.  While the shine and credibility is waning with Brock Lesnar as the amount of matches he’s lost is equal to the his victories (both of which are against HHH while losing to the Cerebral Assassin at Wrestlemania, even-steven booking), it would still be a fresh match-up rather than seeing him wrestle the same exact opponent three out of the four total matches he’s taken part in since his return after Wrestlemania 28.  This would illustrate Sheamus’ propensity for the brawling style and make him look like a true superstar in the eyes of WWE fans if he is able to dethrone The Beast and take the moniker for himself.  Fresh and new ideas/feuds are what will make WWE successful in the long run as opposed to seeing the same matches over and over again as WWE wonders why its financial numbers aren’t where they want them to be.

I certainly am not suggesting that a match between the two will change the business and improve those numbers drastically, it’s a better idea than using the same ideas and hoping those numbers maintain.  Fans expected more out of Brock Lesnar than his less than impressive matches with HHH and this would be a fine example of using him to put over younger talent.  Let’s see this match happen.

Roman Reigns:

While certainly a greener talent on the roster, he holds a niche spot in the trio known as The Shield for his ability to work effectively as a monster.  His spear is currently the best in the business, and once the three men go about their separate ways it’ll be time for Reigns to establish himself as a successful individual and there is no other talent that can showcase his ability than a guy like Sheamus.  This would be another opportunity for Sheamus to either prove himself against a younger talent as the face, or re-establish himself as a heel by taking out the young, up and coming talent.  The choice is up to WWE.

Heel or Face?:

While it’s a toss-up, WWE would be best served using Sheamus as a heel in this instance.  Sheamus could provide to be useful to younger talent to help them get over as a new face that takes the WWE by storm, (much similar to Batista after Evolution ended) and Reigns could be that new star if given the opportunity.  Reigns could claim to be the toughest wrestler in WWE and that’s when Sheamus could challenge him to a match upon his return.  It would take a lot for Reigns to turn face after his great run with Rollins and Ambrose by his side, but this would be a step in the right direction if done correctly.

Taking time off is just what the doctor ordered for Sheamus.  Hopefully his return will be just in time for the Royal Rumble to kick-start a brand new feud against one of these individuals.  They would all make great matches at Wrestlemania.  Here’s to wishing Sheamus a full and speedy recovery.  A little luck never hurt either.