MMA Review: #456: UFC on Fox: Werdum vs. Browne

-It might not have sounded overly marquee on paper, but with the majority of the UFC’s champions either already booked for one of the PPV shows or on the shelf with injuries, a #1 contender’s match for the Heavyweight title was about as good as it was going to get for the latest instalment of the ‘big Fox’ shows. Elsewhere we had the once-scrapped Miesha Tate/Liz Carmouche fight on tap, and another bone-headed card placement decision with Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Rafael Dos Anjos somehow stuck on the FS1 prelims. Sigh.

UFC on Fox: Werdum vs. Browne

Orlando, Florida

-Your hosts are Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan.

Middleweight Fight: Yoel Romero vs Brad Tavares

This was the fight I would’ve put on the prelims rather than the Nurmagomedov fight (spoiler: Nurmagomedov won by decision) but hey, I guess they figured they needed to showcase more talent in the Middleweight division or something like that. Or they just wanted a big fight to finish the prelims, who knows. Anyway Tavares had picked up his biggest win to date in his previous fight over Lorenz Larkin, but was still looking for a signature win to move himself into contendership, while the monstrous Cuban Romero was looking for his fourth UFC win in a row. I was taking Romero to use his insane wrestling game to outwork Tavares in this one as Tavares is one of those jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none guys who tend to struggle against a specialist like Romero.

Round One and Tavares pushes forward early as they throw out some feeler strikes that largely miss outside of a decent body kick from Romero. Jumping kick misses for Romero but a straight left lands flush and he follows with a combo and then tosses Tavares down like a child. Tavares looks to get up and manages it, escaping a front facelock to go for a takedown of his own. Romero hooks up the right arm to defend it, and shrugs Brad off before hitting a SICK BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX into side mount. That was ridiculous. Scramble from Tavares allows him to get up, but Romero keeps hold of him with a rear waistlock and works some knees to the legs before forcing him down. Brad again works back to his feet, but he can’t get the Cuban off him. One minute to go and Tavares breaks with a sharp combo that forces Romero to back up a little. Back into the clinch though and Romero easily trips him down again. Brad works onto his knees but gives up a front headlock, but from there he manages to reverse and take Romero down. Romero gets a kimura from the bottom though and uses that to reverse, taking the top position again and controlling the kneeling Tavares as the round ends. 10-9 Romero.

Round Two and Romero quickly hits a takedown right into half-guard. He passes into side mount immediately too and looks to control him, but Tavares manages another reversal to get to his feet. Quick flurry from the TUF veteran backs Romero up a little. Lunging right hand glances for Tavares. Beautiful counter left elbow lands for Romero as Tavares walks forward, dropping the Hawaiian to a knee for a second. Tavares just doesn’t look explosive enough to really land on the Cuban. Romero looks ridiculously chilled out. Jumping knee misses for Romero but a hard left hand connects and sets up another takedown attempt. He drags Brad down with a whizzer and then as he pops up, Romero nails him with a hard one-two. Tavares drops for a takedown from the clinch and almost manages it, but Romero hooks the leg to avoid being fully grounded. Flipping kimura almost puts Tavares on his back, but he escapes and they stand. One minute to go and Tavares sets up a right hand with a flying knee, but it looks like Romero landed something on him too as he’s busted open BADLY. They remain in the clinch until the round ends. 10-9 Romero.

Round Three and they hug to begin. Tavares is still finding it hard to get into range to land his strikes. He looks for a takedown but Romero hits an effortless sprawl, grabs a front headlock and delivers some knees. Into the clinch and they muscle for position, before Romero breaks off. Good right hand lands for Tavares. They exchange some low kicks and Brad misses on a big combo. Counter knee connects for Romero as Tavares comes forward. Left hand follows. Insane double leg dumps Tavares right onto his back. Looked almost like a spear in pro-wrestling. Tavares gives his back, allowing him to stand, but Romero keeps hold of a rear waistlock and pins him into the fence. One minute to go and they break off, but no matter how much he tries Tavares just can’t find his range. Brutal left hand connects for Romero and he ragdolls the Hawaiian to the ground again, landing some elbows until the round ends. 10-9 Romero for a 30-27 shutout.

Judges all have it 30-27 for Yoel Romero. This was a mind-boggling performance, not so much because he did tons of damage because really he didn’t come close to finishing, but more that he completely shut down Tavares in every facet of the game, and seemed to do it effortlessly too. The way he ragdolled Brad with those takedowns – and Tavares is a huge 185lber who stuffed takedowns from big wrestlers like Aaron Simpson – was unbelievable. If he was ten years younger I think everyone would be crowning him a future champion. As it is, at 36 he’s probably only got a small window of time to get himself into the title picture but I think he can do it given his insane athletic talents. Should be interesting to see if he can get past Tim Kennedy because if he can I think he’s a title threat for sure.

Lightweight Fight: Donald Cerrone vs Edson Barboza

Well, in terms of rankings this one wasn’t exactly a pivotal match, but it’s Cowboy Cerrone, who the hell cares? The guy should be on the main card every single time he fights because he’s probably the most exciting fighter in MMA right now. This one sounded like absolute fireworks too as Barboza’s another wild fighter who always brings the fight. I ended up taking Cerrone just because, but it was a fight that could really have gone either way.

First round begins and Barboza opens FAST with a leg kick and a trio of rights that have Cerrone stunned. He shoots for a takedown and gets it, but Barboza pops right back up. They break off quickly and look to exchange again. Left hand and a leg kick land for the Brazilian. Right hand glances for Barboza. Right from Cerrone but Barboza catches him with a counter. Brutal leg kick from Edson. Another combo glances too and Cowboy seems to be having issues with the speed. Right hands land flush for both men. Leg kick from Cowboy. BRUTAL overhand right from Barboza stops Cowboy in his tracks and he follows with another. Cerrone’s chin is holding up well. Spinning back kick lands to the body for Barboza. Body kick from Cerrone answers. Barboza comes right back with one of his own. Couple of jabs land for Cowboy. Barboza dances out but a STIFF JAB connects for Cowboy and drops the Brazilian! He goes down to his knees and looks stunned, and before he can get up COWBOY TAKES HIS BACK AND SLAPS ON THE CHOKE!~! Tapout follows to cause the crowd to ERUPT.

Unbelievable stuff. Cowboy delivers once again. He looked utterly outgunned literally from the off here, getting tagged in all the exchanges by a seemingly much faster opponent, but then he landed that big shot to drop Barboza and from there it was OVER as he showed insane killer instinct to slap the choke on. Barboza looked good early on here but what can you do when that sort of thing happens? Insanely this was Donald’s THIRTEENTH UFC fight in four years too and he has his fourteenth tonight! If you don’t like this guy you’re absolutely crazy, sorry. He’s the best guy in all of MMA to watch right now.

Women’s Bantamweight Fight: Miesha Tate vs Liz Carmouche

As I mentioned in the introduction, this one was originally booked for July 2013’s Fox card, but it got cancelled when Tate stepped into the Ronda Rousey fight (and the TUF coaching gig) to replace the injured Cat Zingano. Since then Carmouche had beaten Jessica Andrade but was then firmly outpointed by Alexis Davis. Tate had of course lost to Rousey but I mean, who doesn’t? I was favouring Miesha here as while Carmouche is a super-tough fighter I still don’t think she’s as good as her booking in the UFC makes her out to be if that makes sense, while Tate is as legit as they come despite having two UFC losses in two fights to her name.

Round One and they circle with Tate looking to establish a jab early on as Carmouche lands a couple of low kicks. Hard right hand connects for Miesha to counter a low kick. Left hook glances for Carmouche. She’s throwing a ton of kicks here. Superman punch misses for Tate. Superwoman punch maybe? Liz clinches and forces her into the fence, but it’s Miesha that almost gets a trip takedown. They muscle for position and Carmouche dumps Miesha to the ground. Good elbows to the body from Tate as she’s seated against the fence. Carmouche has the Kawajiri low mount position to prevent Miesha from getting up. Tate appears to be working for a guillotine but can’t lock it up. Chopping punches from Carmouche and the crowd are now booing loudly. Tate works up to her feet, but Liz stays on her with a rear waistlock. Good knees to the thighs from Carmouche and then she tries to trip Miesha back down, then switches to a single leg and dumps her to the ground. Tate works to her feet but gives her back again, but she manages to shake Liz off before she gets both hooks in. Miesha works for a kimura as Carmouche keeps hold of a rear waistlock. Really hard knees to the legs connect for Carmouche but again Miesha goes for the kimura. Liz avoids it and hits a takedown to half-guard, controlling Miesha until the round ends. 10-9 Carmouche.

Round Two and they exchange strikes to begin with, with Tate catching Liz early with a solid right hand. Takedown attempt from Carmouche and she forces Miesha back into the fence. Miesha works to stuff it and break free, but Liz stays on her and puts her right back on the fence. Good knee to the body from Tate as she switches position and goes for a takedown of her own, but Carmouche manages to block initially. Looks like a fence grab might’ve helped her actually. Really good defense from Carmouche here to stay vertical and then break free. Crowd are way behind Miesha. Good left hand lands for her. Front kick to the chest sets up a sharp left hook for Tate. Carmouche clinches again and looks for the takedown. She gets Miesha to the ground, but Tate lands some solid elbows to the head and works back up immediately. Carmouche stays on her and looks to drag her back down, then hits another takedown and laces up the legs to keep her there. Miesha really tries to get back up, but Carmouche keeps her down. Guillotine attempt from Miesha and that allows her to swing her legs back and get to her feet. Standing guillotine attempt follows and Carmouche might be in trouble. Big crowd chant for Miesha. She drops to her back in order to attempt to finish the guillotine, but Liz flips over to try to escape. Miesha keeps hold of it though and takes top position, landing a couple of shots before Carmouche gets to her feet. Deep breaths from Carmouche now. She manages to spin and take the back, but can’t do anything with it before the round ends. Good round; close one too but I’d go 10-9 Tate by a hair as she did more significant work to off-set Carmouche’s takedowns.

Round Three and Miesha tags Carmouche with a brutal counter-combo as Liz throws a leg kick. Takedown attempt from Miesha follows and she gets her to the ground despite taking some shots along the way. Scramble from Carmouche allows her back up, but Tate drags her right back down and takes side mount in the process. Miesha works to secure the mounted crucifix position and also teases the kimura on the right arm. Good control from Miesha and she drops some hard elbows too. Carmouche works back to half-guard but Miesha keeps her down, lands some more shots and then transitions to take the back. Looks like the choke might be sunk for a moment but Liz survives. One hook in for Tate and she lands some hard punches. She goes for the choke again but somehow Liz manages to survive again. Hard shots connect for Tate from back control and she’s got both hooks in now. Again she goes for the choke, trying to pull the arm across with a gable grip, but she still can’t choke Liz out. Miesha flattens her out and lands some shots, but Carmouche manages to work back up. Again Miesha flattens her out and the crowd go CRAZY as it looks like the choke is sunk, but somehow Liz WON’T GIVE UP and pulls the arm off! Jesus Christ. Another attempt follows but she just can’t finish it and Carmouche hip escapes to half-guard to avoid a possible armbar. She stands over Liz and lands some kicks to end the round. Totally dominant round for Miesha Tate; 10-8 in fact due to the close finish attempts, so I have it 29-27 for Tate overall.

Judges all have it 29-28 for Miesha Tate. The look of relief on Miesha’s face post-fight is pretty telling as she gave the first round away there and almost gave the second away too before really rallying to dominate the latter part of the fight. Trickier fight for Miesha than I’d expected actually but I might’ve underestimated the strength of Carmouche’s wrestling game and takedowns I think. First round wasn’t great but this was one of those fights that got better as it went on and the third round really was excellent. Big win for Miesha Tate – her first in the UFC in fact!

Heavyweight Fight: Fabricio Werdum vs Travis Browne

This one was a no-brainer once it emerged that Cain Velasquez would be on the shelf for a long time, although it was also somewhat frustrating as I thought Werdum deserved a title shot in late 2013 (rather than doing the JDS trilogy so quickly) and Browne – following incredible wins over Gabriel Gonzaga, Alistair Overeem and Josh Barnett – had done more than enough to warrant a title shot, only for Velasquez to get injured and Werdum being an obvious roadblock. As far as a winner went, I was behind Browne – I thought he’d be too explosive for Werdum on the feet and despite the Brazilian’s awesome ground game, Browne had never been taken down in UFC competition. Interesting note though was that Werdum came in at 233lbs – the lightest I can ever remember him – and historically his best showings had always come when he’d leaned down rather than bulking up.

Round One and Werdum scores with a hard counter right hand instantly as Browne throws a leg kick. Head kick misses for Browne. Nasty combo from Werdum but Browne clinches to deliver a knee. Werdum breaks quickly though and misses a head kick. Front kick to the body from Browne. Big overhand right glances for Browne and Werdum has to clinch. Browne quickly breaks and stuns him with a combo, and the Brazilian goes down! Browne pounces and looks to finish but he’s not landing much cleanly and Werdum reverses to his feet and hits a takedown to half-guard! Brazilian fans in the crowd are going mental with the Portuguese “you’re gonna die” chants. Short punches connect for Werdum from the top and it looks like he might be prepping an arm triangle. Pass to side mount follows and as Browne tries to scramble he hops into back mount. Reversal from Browne though and he’s back on his feet. Body kick glances for Browne and he follows with another front kick. Clinch attempt is shrugged off by Werdum. Browne’s swinging heavy shots but not really landing. Right hand connects for Werdum as does a leg kick. HARD body kick from Werdum and Browne immediately drops his hands and takes a deep breath. Combo follows for the Brazilian. Pair of leg kicks land for Werdum but Browne catches one. He can’t trip Werdum down though and lets go. Wheel kick (!) glances for Browne but Werdum fires right back with a heavy combo. Beautiful leg kick from Werdum. Uppercut snaps Browne’s head back. Werdum is getting the better of the exchanges here and Browne looks tired to me already, dropping his hands. Big combo lands for Werdum on the buzzer and Browne looks stunned. 10-9 Werdum.

Round Two and Werdum opens with a low blow. Browne doesn’t want the stoppage though and they continue with Werdum landing a pair of leg kicks. Another really hard inside leg kick connects. Head kick glances for Browne but he seems to be moving so much slower than Fabricio. Takedown comes easy for Werdum and he takes the back on the way down too. Browne manages to get to his knees, but Werdum’s still in firm control here. He rolls to half-guard, but Werdum remains on top, smothering him. The Brazilian works to pass and does so, sliding right through the guard into side mount. Solid punches land for Werdum as Browne looks a bit stuck from his back. No submission attempts but this is still total domination for Werdum. He begins to prep an armbar, stepping over the head to lace it up, but Browne manages to grab his hands together to defend it. He manages to slip free to his feet, but Werdum grabs a front headlock to control him and then opens up with a combo as they break. Browne looks completely exhausted, lunging and missing by miles with a terrible right hand. Stiff jab lands for Werdum. Looping left hook glances for Browne. Body kick from Werdum and he shrugs off a takedown and then misses on a wheel kick. Big knee to the body ends the round. Clear-cut round for Werdum, almost a 10-8 in fact as Browne just got owned.

Round Three and Browne connects on a right hand, but Werdum eats it right up and responds with a BIG COMBO, stunning Browne with punches and a kick to the body. Never seen Werdum’s striking look this good before. Spin kick glances off Browne’s body. Browne’s gas tank looks empty to me. Wild overhand right misses for him. Spinning backfist lands flush for Werdum and sets up another combo that forces Browne to retreat. One-two connects for the Brazilian. Stiff jab answers for Browne. Odd leg-sweep attempt sees Werdum fall to his back, but Browne refuses to enter the guard. Big John McCarthy calls Werdum to his feet… he KIPS UP AND NAILS BROWNE WITH A BODY KICK!~! Word! Big combo follows and Browne is in trouble, wobbly and dropping his hands. He manages to clinch, but Werdum quickly breaks. Pair of right hands close the distance for Browne but Werdum clinches with the plum and nails him with a knee, then follows with a series of heavy uppercuts. Browne seems stuck and just covers up and eats the shots as well as a couple of knees to the body. Takedown follows. This is almost too easy for Werdum. Browne tries his killer elbows but Werdum avoids and back up they come. Combo connects for Werdum as they break. Browne’s punches look like swimming strokes almost, he’s so tired. Just over a minute to go now. Werdum connects on a vicious lunging knee. Browne can’t even seem to catch him. Head kick glances for Fabricio. Leg kick is caught by Werdum but Browne pulls away before he can be taken down. Body kick from Werdum. Round ends with a HARD leg kick to set up yet another combo for Werdum. This is becoming a whitewash. 30-27 Werdum going into the 4th.

Round Four and Browne lumbers forward and eats a double jab and a heavy leg kick. Couple more jabs connect for Werdum. He looks slightly slower now too but he’s still massively faster than Travis. Right front kick sets up a pair of right hands from Werdum that force Browne to back up swiftly. Slow round thus far though. Kick to the body from Werdum. Right hand and a body kick land for Browne, but the kick apparently landed low and Big John calls a break to let the Brazilian recover. Looks like Browne needs to recover just as much as he’s leaning over the fence. They restart and Browne pushes forward with punches, but Werdum comes back with a single leg. Browne blocks it, but eats a combo for his efforts. Just under two minutes remaining. Werdum keeps glancing at the clock now. He might be looking to coast these last couple of rounds as he’s not landing as much but he’s still outgunning Travis. Big pair of head kicks miss for the Hawaiian. His hands are dropping badly again now. Couple of jabs connect for Werdum but he largely stays on his bike to end the round. 10-9 Werdum and Browne needs a finish for sure.

Round Five and Werdum opens with a takedown and gets the back as Browne stands. The Hawaiian manages to break free though before Werdum can capitalise. Front kick to the body from Travis. He follows with another but misses on a head kick. Couple of jabs and leg kicks land for Fabricio and he continues to do well in avoiding Browne’s strikes. Good low kick lands for Browne. Werdum answers with a couple of jabs. Takedown is stuffed by Browne. BEAUTIFUL double jab into a hard right cross connects cleanly for Werdum. Hard right wobbles Browne at the knees. Werdum is just outclassing him here. Another big combo lands for the Brazilian, this time ending in a pair of body kicks. Head kick is just about blocked by Werdum. Combo lands again for Werdum. Less than one minute to go now. Werdum is moving fine while Browne looks like he’s in treacle. Combo hurts Browne again. The jab is landing at will for Fabricio here. Seconds to go and Browne manages to connect a couple of times, but he’s got nothing in the tank and that’s the fight. Browne’s covered in blood. 50-45 shutout for Werdum in my eyes.

Judges have it 49-46, 50-45 and 50-45 for Fabricio Werdum, who moves on to face Cain Velasquez for the UFC Heavyweight Title. Amazing showing from the Brazilian. I mean if you’d told me he’d beat Browne via grappling then I would’ve believed you, but if you’d said he’d beat up Travis Browne standing and thoroughly outclass him in the striking department I probably would’ve said you were insane. That’s exactly what happened, though – for his part Browne was claiming an early rib break sapped his cardio and caused the majority of his issues, which is believable, but hey, Werdum evidently must’ve landed something to break those ribs and after weathering an early storm he was looking like the better kickboxer in the first round anyway. I think everyone was underestimating Werdum really as in big fights previously – most memorably his StrikeForce one with Alistair Overeem – it seemed like even when he was doing well he didn’t fully trust his striking for whatever reason. Here he clearly had faith in it and it paid off big time. Will be beat Velasquez? Personally I can’t see it, but after dispatching of JDS I think it’s clear that Werdum is the biggest threat to the champ right now and it’s a fight I can’t wait to see. Fight sort-of dragged towards the end as Werdum eased off, but the first few rounds were fantastic.

-Show ends abruptly there as poor Werdum doesn’t even get an interview (which is ridiculous). I guess Fox were in a rush or something. Oh, and just because I’m a swell guy like this….

Lightweight Fight: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Rafael Dos Anjos

So yeah I get why they’d want to put Donald Cerrone on the main card – it’s obvious to anyone who’s ever watched him fight! – but I didn’t get why this was put on the prelims underneath Tavares/Romero. Especially when you consider that RDA had beaten Cerrone last time out while Nurmagomedov at this point is practically the most feared Lightweight in the whole division. Tremendous fight on paper at any rate!

Round One and they circle with Khabib missing on an early rush of strikes. Neither man really lands much in the first minute actually. Left hand counter glances for Khabib. Combo allows Khabib to close the distance andh e drops for a takedown and quickly elevates the Brazilian. Sick balance allows RDA to stay vertical for a moment but Khabib soon forces him down and lands some shots from the top as the Brazilian tries to scramble free. RDA works back up to his feet, but Nurmagomedov stays right on him with a single leg. He drags RDA down again but once more the Brazilian pops up. Good job from RDA to break off and he lands with a glancing body kick. Right hand into a flying knee from Khabib and that sets up another takedown. RDA immediately looks to lock up a kimura from the bottom, but Khabib seems like he’s free of that and works around to take the back. RDA works to his feet but Khabib stays on him and refuses to let him breathe. Good knee breaks for Dos Anjos but Khabib nails him with an uppercut and clinches again. RDA does well to scramble free once more. Khabib is just pushing forward constantly here. Hard body kick from RDA. Seconds to go and RDA connects well on a left to the body. Body kick answers for Khabib. Right hook from Dos Anjos but Khabib fires back to end the round. 10-9 Khabib mainly due to the aggression he showed.

Round Two and Khabib pops the Brazilian with an early right hand. Low kick glances for RDA. Left hand connects for Nurmagomedov. Dos Anjos really begins to push forward with the strikes now but Khabib does a decent job of avoiding them. It seems like he’s slightly faster than RDA and that’s making the difference. Beautiful double leg from Khabib, set up with a right hand, and he plants RDA firmly on his back in butterfly guard. RDA looks for a possible guillotine but it doesn’t look tight or anything and Khabib seems fine. Dos Anjos really starts to squeeze on it, but Khabib pops his head free and works to take the back, dragging RDA along the fence. Nice short knee to the body from the Dagestani. Dos Anjos gets to his knees, but can’t shake Khabib off and the Dagestani continues to land knees to the legs and body. Crowd begin to get restless as Khabib continues to control the Brazilian. One hook is in for a second but RDA quickly shakes that off. He stands but Khabib slams him back down. Another guillotine attempt follows but Khabib gets right out and settles into half-guard. Solid ground-and-pound lands for Khabib, even when Dos Anjos works back to full guard. Sounds like Dos Anjos is breathing heavily too. Nasty short elbows connect for Khabib from the top. Crowd are booing but fuck them. Seconds to go and Nurmagomedov stands over him and drops some big shots before landing a left as RDA pops up to his feet. 10-9 Khabib, much clearer round there.

Round Three and Dos Anjos presses forward, but he can’t quite catch Khabib who throws a couple of insanely hard but inaccurate high kicks at him. Glancing high kick comes from RDA. He closes Khabib down for a moment but the Dagestani quickly gets out of the range. Exchange continues until RDA makes the error of clinching, and of course Khabib reverses him and shoves him into the fence. Single leg attempt follows but this time RDA blocks it. Tremendous escape from RDA and he connects on a right hand counter. They continue to trade and then RDA shoots, but Nurmagomedov sprawls and hits an INSANE REVERSAL that plants RDA onto his back. Good lord. RDA gets half-guard but his facial expression suggests he probably knows he’s doomed here. Full guard now for RDA but Khabib chops away from the top and looks to advance back into half-guard. Leglock attempt from RDA is easily avoided and Nurmagomedov remains on top. Big shots begin to get through too, just clubbing blows from inside the guard. BRUTAL right hand connects as RDA shifts his hips for a potential armbar. Seconds to go and he scrambles, but Khabib drags him around and takes the back, landing more heavy punches. RDA ends up on his back in half-guard. Round ends with Khabib landing more ground-and-pound. Got to be 30-27 for Nurmagomedov.

Judges all have it 30-27 for Khabib Nurmagomedov. Not the most entertaining fight of all time but this was a good one to watch in order to understand quite why Nurmagomedov is such a difficult fighter to face – not only is his top game incredibly suffocating once he gets an opponent down, but he’s deceptively fast too meaning that he’s able to avoid the strikes of far better kickboxers despite having a rudimentary-if-powerful striking game himself, and it also means he can set up his excellent takedowns with sudden striking rushes that surprise the opponent. Dos Anjos tried but he had zero answer for that here and I’m dying to see if the real elite guys of the division – I’m talking Pettis, Henderson and Melendez basically – would be able to come up with a way to solve the riddle.

-We’ll call it a show there.

Final Thoughts….

A much better effort than the previous Fox show; while we did get three fights out of four going the distance, they were all entertaining in their own way, from Miesha Tate’s comeback victory to Yoel Romero’s ridiculous athleticism and then the real surprise in the advanced striking game of Fabricio Werdum. Main highlight was Cowboy Cerrone but that’s basically a given at this point. Probably won’t make any show of the year contender lists but Fox 11 is worth a thumbs up anyway.

Best Fight: Cerrone vs. Barboza
Worst Fight: None

Overall Rating: ***3/4

Until next time,

Scott Newman: