The Dead Liver Society #1 – The Alchemist Brewery: Heady Topper



Welcome to the very first edition of The Dead Liver Society! My name is DAVE and along with JAY, we are going to be delivering the best god damn beer reviews eva! Well, probably not but at least they will be entertaining. We hope.

Before you read this, please give our primer on beer a read…just so you know what the hell it is that we are saying.

For our first review, we are taking on a monster of a beer in the Heady Topper from The Alchemist Brewery. Located in Waterbury, Vermont, this brewery only makes one beer and this is it. The Heady Topper has quite the reputation throughout the craft beer community for not only it’s taste but it’s elusiveness. Luckily for us, our beloved forum member M^3 was able to supply me (DAVE) with a 4 pack of this goodness for me to review. Thanks Mike! Let’s get on with the review shall we? Oh by the way..we rate our beers on a scale of burps. Zero burps and the beer is shit. 5 burps and the beer is off the hizzy. Alright, let’s go!

Beer Name: Heady Topper
Brewery: The Alchemist Brewery
Type: American Double IPA (DIPA)
ABV: 8.00%

First Impressions: Right off the top, the can is fucking awesome.

The can itself has a “warning” on it telling you, the drinker, to drink this beer straight from the can. I obliged of course (I did take pictures for color as you will see shortly.)

Color/Appearance: I poured a little into a glass (and please dont give me crap about what glasses I use as I do not care). This DIPA is a very ugly beer actually. Very cloudy and murky. It does have a nice, creamy head with straight and smooth lacing down the glass.

Aroma: This may be an ugly beer but it smells absolutely awesome. There is a gigantic grapefruit/citrus blast in the intial nose followed up with dank, murky resin in the background. To be honest, it smells fucking awesome. It actually smells better than any IPA I’ve ever gotten my hands on. It is that damn good.

Taste: (From the can) Very, very, very balanced. This is so unbelievably balanced that I can’t believe it’s a DIPA. Huge hop note upfront but not overpowering in anyway. Malt is there and it combines perfectly with the grapefruit essences of the hop bill. Whoever came up with the malt bill should be given an award.

There is also a pineapple flavor that comes through toward the end of the sip. It’s very refreshing and it makes you want to drink more of it which is not a problem over here. I’m thinking there is a lot of Citra hops in the bill leading to this pineapple flavor I am getting.

The end of the taste is a nice lingering bitterness on the tongue that adds to the experience in a positive way. This beer is so drinkable it’s insane. The alcohol is very well hidden and at 8.0%, that’s a good thing. Also, I got a TON of awesome hop-filled burps when I was done. That’s always a plus right??

(From the glass) Basically everything I said above but it does lose something in the glass. I don’t know, it’s weird but it seems to pack less of a flavor punch in the glass. The alcohol was certainly more noticable in the glass. This is definetely one that should be imbibed from the can as suggested by the brewer.

Overall: This is a world beater folks. This is probably the best example of a DIPA I’ve ever had. Just absolute perfection in every way. Get yourself some. Go out of your way for it. Pay out the nose for it on EBay. Just do it. This is the quintessential example of a perfect IPA. Get some now!


Thanks for reading and stay tuned for many, many, many more reviews! Get this beer!

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