The Dead Liver Society #10 – Anchorage Brewing Co.: The Tide and Its Takers

Hello fellow beer lovers (and hopefully some soon to be converts as well!), JAY here with the TENTH edition of the Dead Liver Society.  Today I will be taking on one of the most complex beers I’ve ever had, along with the most awesomely named one.  I will be reviewing Anchorage Brewing Company’s The Tide and Its Takers, a collaboration beer made between Anchorage and Dogfish Head’s founder Sam Calagione.   This ale is a unique twist on the Belgian Tripel utilizing oak chardonnay barrels and a strain of yeast called brettanomyces, which adds a sour profile to beers.  This is a heck of a specimen for the beer world, so let’s get to it.

Beer Name: The Tide and Its Takers

Brewery: Anchorage Brewing Company

Type: Trippel

Abv: 9%

First Impressions:

This bottle is awesome.  Seriously whoever came up with the design should be given a raise.  It completely fits the name of the beer.

The bottle is corked as well, making it extra fancy……


The picture may not show it, but this beer is quite pale.  The head on it’s a nice thin head that sticks around and leaves nice bubbles clinging to the glass.  The pale body of the ale is quite cloudy, which masks a lively amount of carbonation.


This is quite the interesting aroma.  It’s a sour smelling ale that comes with notes of citrus, specifically lemon peel.  There is also a nice spice note here, mostly of the clove variety.  White wine flavors also come through in the aroma, but the first flavors mentioned are the most dominant.


This beer is quite the beast.  Flavors are all over the place and yet they all mend together into an amazing drinking experience.  The sour aroma barely comes through in terms of flavor, but it is present at the end.  Wood flavors (oak and vanilla) definitely come through in the beginning, along with some spice and pepper.  Citrus flavors peek out towards the end, and biscuit notes are also in here.  What really makes everything come together are the white wine flavors.  The wine notes make this beer really pop on the tongue with a nice dryness that just complements the rest of the flavors.  In terms of mouthfeel this is a very carbonated beer that is bright and lively that ends with a dry finish that isn’t too dry but does leave you wanting more.  The sour part of the beer shows up on the sides of the tongue and never overpowers, though I think it would serve the ale better to be slightly more sour.  What really stays on the palate is the peppery flavors of the beer, which is quite nice.  This beer is all over the place but somehow keeps it all together.


What a great beer.  It’s completely all over the place in terms of flavors, but it keeps everything together quite nicely.  Easily the most complex beer I’ve ever had this is not one for the timid.  It could be better, especially in terms of being sour, but it drinks quite easily for being so strong and could easily replace a fine white wine.  Try this if you can, it’s really one of the more unique beer experiences you’ll ever have.


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