The Dead Liver Society #9 – Stone Brewing Co. : Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA



Hey everyone! DAVE here with the 9th edition of The Dead Liver Society and we have a doozy this week in Stone’s Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA. This special one-off production has nothing in common with the normal version of Stone’s Ruination IPA. It’s got more hops, more bitterness, more malt and a lot more alcohol (10.8 % ABV compared to 7.7% ABV). I picked up a bottle of this last week for about 10 dollars. Let’s see what we’ve got here..

Beer Name:  Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA

Brewery: Stone Brewing Co.

Type: DIPA (Double Imperial Pale Ale)

ABV: 10.8%

First Impressions:

The bottle itself is pretty darn awesome.


On the back of the bottle, there is a pretty entertaining read regarding the genesis of this beer..

And the bottle cap is pretty cool too..

Color/Appearance: This is a real nice looking pour right here.

This beer has a really appealing honey amber color to it with good clarity and lacing.

The 2 finger head was abnormally thick for a beer with this level of alcohol in it (which is not a bad thing).

Aroma: This is a complete bomb in terms of hop aroma. Lots of resin up front with some citric notes coming in toward the end of the nose. There is also a surprisingly pronounced malt aroma coming of this pour that I hadn’t really expected. It’s a nice aroma but you can certainly tell there is the presence of alcohol. Overall, very nice all around.

Taste: WOW!

This beer is a huge hopbomb on the tongue at first sip with bitter, bitter resin coming to the forefront. My lips were almost numb from the bitterness on the front end. There is a nice fruitiness that comes in to the fray as you drink more and that fruit helps to hide the alcohol well. The presence of malt in the taste is a lot less than you would think based on the aroma. It is there to be sure but it’s just not as pronounced as I’d expect. I also got the wonderful gift of hopburps with this one as it warmed my tummy up toward the end. Very nice!


Just excellent. This is a strong but highly drinkable DIPA from Stone. If you see this on the shelf, don’t’s only 10 bucks and it’s well worth the coin. Pick it up and enjoy!


“Everybody should believe in something — I believe I’ll have another beer.” Unknown

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